Zero And A Third

The best news to come out of last week for President Trump was an absolute failure; trust me it actually got worse from there. Let’s explore.

Trump exceeded my expectations when he abruptly walked out of the Hanoi Summit with North Korean leader Kim Jung-un. I feared and thought he would enter into any deal just to have one and then claim it was the greatest deal ever and certainly worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The summit was destined for failure or forfeiture due to lack of preparation as I outlined in my February 27th posting entitled, Carly And The 6 P’s. The failure was monumental. Often negotiations will break down when the sides agree to disagree over an insurmountable difference. In this case the two siders (if you believe Trump’s version of events) couldn’t even agree on what they disagreed about.

The fact that Trump didn’t get completely taken to the cleaners by Kim again was the best possible outcome considering all the factors. When abject failure is the good news; you know it was a bad week.

In fact Kim still won in that for a second time in less than a year he got the President of the United States to sit down with him one-on-one as a peer. That makes him look like a big man in the eyes of many, proves the value of retaining nuclear arms and makes America look foolish. I really don’t care too much about how Trump looks but I certainly do care about America’s image and perception in the world.

Michael Cohen testified before Congressional Committees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Only Wednesday’s session was open to the public; therefore we only saw about one-third of what went on. Despite the theatrics of Trump enablers like Ohio’s Jim Jordan and North Carolina’s Mark Meadows, Trump came out way on the short end of Cohen’s testimony. In fact, Thursday’s testimony was so compelling that Cohen was invited back for another session this Wednesday. That session will be closed to the press and public but expect fireworks to eventually emerge from it. If you will allow me to project into the future and do some “poetic license math”, I could retitle this posting Zero And A Fourth.

Cohen did a lot of implication by name dropping. Expect many more people to be marched before Democratic controlled House committees in short order. One that is already scheduled is Felix Sater’s March 14th appearance before the House Intelligence Committee.

Cadet Bone Spurs got wounded in Vietnam last week as well as in Washington. His basic problem is that his intelligence and ability is not commensurate with his arrogance. He is too lazy and/or incompetent to do the preparatory work and therefore is incapable of achieving success.

Last week was a big fat “F” for Trump and more than ever he is facing imminent expulsion.

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  1. And Trump capped the week off with a stunning performance at CPAC….worthy of the 25th Amendment.

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