You Were Warned

A few days ago the word started to circulate that amazingly many progressives were actually longing for the days of George W. Bush. This was not because of some new found respect for him or his administration; but because by comparison to Donald Trump’s opening act he was much more palatable and actually looked smart. Buyers regret is already starting to set in for many Trump voters and my prediction is you haven’t seen anything yet! Progressives, including yours truly, warned America.

Many of Trump’s “sins” will be forgiven by omission. Let me explain that statement. As I’ve previously written, Trump has taken a page from the Broad Street Bullies and is committing so many “sins” in such rapid succession that many of them are not getting much attention in the press. Many including Dana Milbank have suggested that Trump is actually doing zany thing “B” in order to get coverage off of zany thing “A”. The bigger problem is that only a few days into this administration we are much further into the alphabet than “B”.

Even if you are in the minority of Americans who agree with his policies and actions you have to admit that the rollouts of and the lack of thought put into the initial implementations are amateurish at very best. The prime example is the immigration policy/ Muslim Ban. Key players in Washington were caught totally off guard as were the people charged with enforcing it at America’s airports. Chaos ensued, shortly thereafter followed by massive demonstrations. What did Trump do? He moved up the announcement of a controversial Supreme Court nominee to “change the subject”. Two wrongs don’t make a right but the second wrong may take the first out of the headline.

One of my primary concerns is what was taken out of the American conversation that we should have been paying attention to? There was a Navy Seals military operation in Yemen that received almost no news coverage despite a series of errors and the death of two Americans. The Trump administration labeled it a great success. What do they consider to be a failure? This is the kind of stuff that usually results in a Congressional investigation, because of all the distractions it is being swept under the rug.

The biggest defense of Trump coming from his supporters on the right is that he is fulfilling his campaign promises. I agree with that statement and that is exactly the problem. Trump promised to do crazy stuff and he is doing it. The guy who says he wants to kill you and then fires a bullet into your heart fulfills his promise too; the problem you are dead as a result.

One of my biggest criticisms of the George W. Bush administration was that they never considered the reaction to and consequences of their actions. To date the Trump administration looks like that part of the George W. Bush administration on steroids. Their attitude is that everyone should just accept their actions or simply, as Steve Bannon put it, “Shut up.”

It is difficult for a progressive like me to admit but given the choice between George W. Bush and Donald Trump; well W. is starting to look pretty good and I kind of miss the buffoon.

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  1. Oh please! Just because Trump has now assumed the crown of most incompetent president is no reason to say ANYthing nice about George W. Bush.

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