You Didn’t Have To Be There

My generation’s war was Viet Nam. Primarily due to a 333 in the lottery I didn’t go. That doesn’t prohibit me from empathy and understanding. I do not speak Vietnamese nor did I know the geography or customs. (I could have found it on the globe but that is about it – and more than a lot of other young men of my generation.) Had I been on the ground my life would have been in the hands of an interpreter and my organization’s success would have been in large part dependent on cooperative denizens. Fast forward two generations, change the location to Afghanistan and the story is basically the same. If I can realize this why couldn’t 16 House Republicans?

On Thursday of last week the House voted on the Allies Act. Basically, the bill is designed to facilitate the transportation of Afghans who acted as interpreters, drivers, etc. for the American troops on the ground to be evacuated and given refuge as the United States and its allies exit Afghanistan. Those people literally saved American GIs’ lives and are now being targeted by the Taliban in Afghanistan. We have a moral obligation to live up to the promises of protection we gave them. Perhaps I just answered the question I posed in the opening paragraph: Many of today’s elected Republican officials are simply amoral (like their leader Donald Trump).

The bill passed 407 (all 215 Democrats who voted + 192 Republicans) – 16 – 7 (4 Democrats and 3 Republicans who I will give a pass to for the purposes of today’s article). It is the 16 that I want to concentrate on. This was obviously a bi-partisan, landslide, no-brainer vote. How did 16 vote against it?

The 16 were: Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar of Arizona, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Mo Brooks and Barry Moore of Alabama, Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina. Bob Good of Virginia, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jodey Hice of Georgia, Kevin Hern of Oklahoma, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Bill Posey of Florida, Matt Rosendale of Montana and Chip Roy of Texas.

I don’t know where and I don’t know when but history teaches me that there is another Viet Nam or Afghanistan in America’s future. Perhaps my grandchildren’s grandchildren will serve in uniform there. Their survival will depend on cooperative denizens. If everyone voted like this 16 why would anyone help them?

Not only are this 16 not part of the solution; they are part of the problem! At this point 15 are up for reelection in 2022. Brooks is actually seeking a “promotion” to the Senate. Remember this site is among other things a voter guide. Vote, donate and volunteer accordingly.

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  1. Well, aside from some instances of scurrilous, and in some cases illegal, behavior on the part of some of these people, it comes as no surprise that none (except for Scott Perry) served on active duty in the military. I’ll leave it to you to connect those dots.

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