Yes, They Are Less Than Bright

Assignment: Write Sunday’s article. Standard Operating Procedure: Make the biggest American political story of the week just ended your subject matter. This week I decided on a different approach; a more general theme. Instead of a single story I will use a link between all of them – well, some anyway, I’ll never cover them all – Republican stupidity.

There is no better place to start than with the de facto head of the GOP, Donald Trump, or as he is currently most referred to, The Defendant. While most criminal defendants in Manhattan are in pre-trial detention, Trump gets all evenings, along with all day on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. This week the judge even gave him Friday off so he could attend his son’s high school graduation. Devoted family man that he is, he cut the day of family celebration short to fly to Minnesota to do a fundraiser. Nothing says family celebration like dad taking the airplane out of there.

The sycophant parade reached a new depth this week, however it is difficult to determine whether that was on the day where several Veep wannabes showed up in matching “Trump costumes” or the gaggle that showed up the next trial day instead of going to work (in Congress for which you pay them a minimum of $174,000 per year) on time.

I must give the best line of the week award to Alex Wagner for calling the costumed lineup the, “Swimsuit competition”.

Five of the gaggle members (none of whom represent districts in New York State) sit on the House Oversight Committee which delayed its hearing until the evening to allow for their field trip to the Big Apple. When they got back and supplemented by Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (not to be confused with a rocket scientist!), they turned the committee meeting into a circus. OK, that itself is far from news in this Congress. Greene made the mistake (I’m certain motivated by her racism and the desire to play to racist donors) of attacking Democratic member Jasmine Crockett of Texas. Was that a mistake! I’ve followed Crockett for several years now. She is a mentally sharp lady; Greene, not so much. That was like putting a junior high school team up against a Major League club.

That committee meeting was chaired by Kentucky Republican Jim Comer. If you watch the tapes, it is clear that Comer (who also has proven that his elevator isn’t making it all the way to the penthouse) couldn’t comprehend what Crocket was saying. She speaks in plain English, often albeit above the sixth grade reading level. Hey Jim, word to the wise: don’t waste your time reading my columns; they are often simply way above your reading comprehension level.

As an aside to the above paragraph, it made it difficult for ranking member Democrat Jamie Raskin of Maryland to suppress his laughter at Comer’s obvious confusion. Like Crockett, Raskin is very sharp. It hardly made it to the frame in the tapes but New York Democrat Dan Goldman got a few suppressed chuckles in too.

Oh, it is not restricted to DC Republicans. In Texas Republican Governor (and presidential wannabe) Greg Abbott pardoned a white man convicted of murdering a Black Lives Matter protester. Do you thing racism was at play here? I do! Oh, and right wing media played its part. A Fox News host led the charge for the pardon.

I can’t leave without a comment on the presidential debate situation. The bottom line is that Trump outsmarted himself. Go back to 2008 in your mind. In addition to Joe Biden the Democratic debates included three pretty good debaters: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Barack Obama. Biden won all those contests. The Biden of 2024 is not the Biden of 2008 but he still has a lot of talent – “sustaining” it is the question. Trump can’t beat Biden if Biden is on his game (like at the State of the Union). Biden also has the truth on his side. Like most politicians he is occasionally selective with it but Trump is simply a liar. In a debate Biden can force Trump to defend his record in office using facts. Trump would have to resort to lies.

Assuming the debates occur, (and I think Trump will spin something to get out of them). He wouldn’t even debate the weak field that challenged him in the GOP primary. The only good debater in it was Chris Christie. Trump, true to his character, did the coward thing and ran away.

Ego aside, deep down Trump has to know that he can’t beat Biden in a debate. Assuming the debates happen, Trump has to be betting that Biden beats himself. I’ll tell you from my years of coaching experience that when you depend on your opponent to beat themselves you generally lose.

Put in the vernacular, Trump was stupid to agree to any debates.
Is it any wonder that this version of the Republican party views critical think skills, books and public education as enemies?

When you vote this November (up and down the ballot) please cast smart votes.

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