Yes, It Really Happened

There is no need to make things up (unless you are a present day Republican trying to justify your position) because the truth gives you more material than you can possibly cover in five op-eds a week. If you haven’t figured it out by now today’s article is another catch up attempt.

The Volunteer State’s Entry

I joke about which state has the craziest Republicans. If I ever run that contest here will be Tennessee’s entry. (Don’t worry Marsha; you get a mention later.) Tennessee bill, HB 233, sponsored and championed by Republican state legislator Tom Leatherwood would remove the minimum age for marriage (currently 17 in Tennessee). The bill is progressing in the committee system in the Republican controlled legislature.

These are the same people who claim to be protecting our children and that if you oppose them they will claim that you must be a pedophile and grooming victims.

Oklahoma Is Not OK

Last week I saw the touring production of Oklahoma in Durham, North Carolina (my first large crowd venture in over 2 years – my wife and I wore our masks) – it was different – so I apologize for the theatrical reference. The Republican controlled state legislature passed a law making performing an abortion punishable by 10 years in prison. The only exception was to save the life of the mother (try proving that in a hostile court). Note: no exceptions for rape or incest.

Another entry in the contest?

An Orban Landslide

Viktor Orban’s party won a supermajority in last Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Hungary. That means the right wing autocrat will remain as Hungary’s Prime Minister. This is the guy who by his own admission has transformed his country into an “illiberal democracy”. I’m waiting to see what effect this has on the EU and NATO.

She’s Back

Last week Sarah Palin announced she would enter the field of 51 candidates for the open House seat from Alaska. The top four in the first round go into a runoff. With her name recognition I have a difficult time seeing her being unable to get into this final four. Donald Trump immediately endorsed her.

The only possible silver lining I see in this cloud is that Palin wins the special election and then loses to a Democrat in the general. Alaska, which despite being the largest state by land mass, has fewer people in it than the three counties I have spent the vast majority of my life in (Erie in New York, Pinellas in Florida and Wake in North Carolina) and therefore only has one seat in the House. If the 2024 election should be thrown there – and after 1/6 I won’t discount any possibility – states vote by delegation so that would remove one from what normally would be the reliably Republican column. (Why do you think Trump endorsed her so quickly?)

I can just see Palin next to Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene shouting out nonsense. That would be the new GOP Squad; short one person and a ton of cerebral power.

Voter Fraud

Another person with ties to Trump appears to have committed voter fraud. Former Trump aide, Matt Mower, who is now running for Congress in New Hampshire, appears to have voted twice in the 2016 primary.

The real bottom line on voter fraud is that in America it is so small as to not have an impact on results. It is also pretty evenly distributed between the two parties. This is just another high profile instance of Republican voter fraud – unless you believe that a Trump aide was committing voter fraud to vote for Democrats.

What’s that old saying about glass houses?

Ginny, Ginny, Ginny!

For years now I’ve been calling the oldest justice on the Supreme Court Clarence “Just give the money to Virginia” Thomas. For more detailed work on this topic, I suggest you read the excellent reporting of New Yorker magazine columnist Jane Mayer (who I call a national treasure, while we are reviewing my editorial comments).
Justice Thomas’ wife, Virginia, gives a new meaning to the term “Bag Lady”.

And, As Promised. Marsha

I heard a lot of less than intellectually stimulating (I’m trying to be polite) comments and questions from Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee but the best/worst, depending on how you look at it, came from Tennessee’s Marsha Blackburn when she asked Judge Jackson to define the word “Woman”. Asking a judge to define the word “Woman” and then calling it a simple question only proves that the person asking the question possesses a simple mind. Considering Blackburn’s base, I bet it worked great for fundraising.

That’s enough for today. I missed a lot and then consider that I only covered the really zany stuff.

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