Wrapping Up ’23

It’s time for self-examination and a “report card”. In other words, I want to review 2023 in politics largely with a critique of my predictions of a year ago.

My number five prediction had to do with the 2024 presidential nods. I predicted that Joe Biden’s decision as to whether or not to run would dictate what happened on the Democratic end. That, while far from dramatic, ended up being accurate.

On the GOP side I thought Trump was dead. I missed the mark by a country mile on that one! Perhaps I gave the GOP primary electorate too much credit. In their defense I have to say that the field of challengers has been anything but impressive.

I pretty much hit number four on the nose. I predicted that the Republicans’ Congressional antics, including baseless investigations, would be entertaining.

At number three I had the war in Ukraine. Well, it is still going on and the congressional Republicans are trying their best to help their buddy Vlad by sounding retreat. Could we expect anything else from an anti-democracy political party?

The Trump trials get more interesting and the water surrounding them muddier as each week passes. While he claims he is a victim the truth is he is getting extreme preferential treatment. Can he run out the clock? We await that answer.

This didn’t get the press it deserved but that is perhaps because in a rare (of late) instance the Supreme Court got it substantially correct. The case I refer to is Moore v Harper. In it the plaintiffs (North Carolina Republicans which should tell you all you need to know) claimed that state legislatures ruled supreme and were not obliged to obey state constitutions nor are subject to the oversight of their state’s supreme courts. Do we detect another anti-democracy stance by the GOP? I thing we do!

All and all I’d probably give myself a grade of “C” when it comes to predicting. The good news is that we averted disaster and made it to another year. The bad news is that it is another year where American democracy is under threat primarily form one of its two political parties of consequence. You can’t have a functioning democracy with only one patriotic party. Will it change and if so when?

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