Would You?

For today’s article I decided a little comic relief might be in order. I will ponder a theory that is being floated out there, ask a few questions. After the exercise in humor and satire concludes I will ask one very serious question. Here we go.

I have been and remain among the many that are perplexed as to Donald Trump’s true motivation for running for the presidency. He has been more of a caricature of a candidate than a real candidate and thus far has been successful in spite of himself. One of the theories out there is that he is settling the stage for a new venture: Trump TV. Only time will tell if that is true or not. Trump has succeeded in enlarging his name ID and increasing a potential audience and pool of investors. Trump loves to do things on other people’s dimes and I could see millions of Bubbas jumping at the chance to buy stock in Trump TV. Donald will collect a huge management fee and if the venture goes belly up like many of his other ventures have the stockholders will lose their investment and the suppliers will be left with pennies on the dollar.

I have a few suggestions for programming:

Groping for Grandpas – Trump can star in his own show and simply relive his past liberties with women.

Upskirting for Urbanites – this will be another stroll down memory lane for The Donald.

The News with Steve Bannon – Breitbart takes right wing mythology to the tube. It will make Fox News look like legitimate journalism.

Charity Scamming for the Secular and Christian Charlatans – Trump can alternate with the wealthy Religious Right leaders who continue to stick with him despite the repeated lies and sexual misconduct revelations.

Conversations with the Klan – it can star David Duke and feature other white supremacists as guests. They are an important part of Trump’s base and they would be avid viewers.

Now I have a few questions for you:

Would you buy a used car from Donald Trump? I wouldn’t! I learned a long time ago to be suspect of a salesman who keeps saying “Trust me” and “Believe me”.

Would you leave your teenage daughter or granddaughter alone with Trump? I have two teenage and one twenty year-old granddaughter. I would only possibly consider leaving one of them alone with Trump because I know if he tried to molester her it would be the last act his battered body would be physically capable of. At seventy, if he were lucky enough to survive the ensuing beating few if any of his appendages would fully function again.

In view of his personal ethical and moral shortcomings combined with his ignorance of what the job of president entails, will you allow this man to become President? I certainly hope the answer is “No!” and you do your part by voting against him and for Hillary Clinton. She is the only candidate capable of defeating him. You have a moral obligation to do it for family and country!

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