Would You Buy A New Cadillac For $250?

As I write this column we are just over a fortnight away from Election Day 2016. While the presidential race has supplied me with an overabundance of material I’m ready for it to be over! Most Americans share that sentiment. This has been a particularly disgusting contest primarily consisting of personal attacks, lies and slime. The conversation has been almost totally devoid of policy issues. Coming from both progressive and patriotic perspectives I can’t wait to get rid of the threat of a possible President Trump. The reality is we are not getting rid of Donald Trump totally. However we can make Trump an avoidable annoyance instead of a danger.

In recent weeks it is becoming apparent that Trump’s Plan B is to start Trump TV. (Considering that he has almost no path to victory it may now be his Plan A.) To date Trump has about $50 million of his own money invested in his campaign. That number can be reduced when you consider that many of his campaign expenditures were with Trump owned entities; therefore the profit on those transactions really didn’t cost Trump a dime. Let’s assume Trump operates at about a 20% profit margin, so we have now reduced the $50 million down to $40 million. Bubba still loves him and the small dollar donations keep coming in which will further reduce the $40 million. In exchange for that money Trump has received over $1 billion in free media coverage. Trump has envisioned himself as a brand for years and this was the ad purchase deal of the millennium! Effectively Trump got a 96% discount. That is like buying a $250,000 house for $10,000 or a new Cadillac for about $250.

Since 2011 people have gotten rich off the birther phenomenon and Obama hating. People have been getting rich off Hillary hating for decades. If Trump loses (which makes Trump TV feasible) the only possible winner is Hillary Clinton. Sorry to disappoint any Gary Johnson or Jill Stein fans out there but their campaigns were over before they started. All they were ever good for was media filler material.

Trump was the most visible birther. He has spent the last year or so attacking Hillary Clinton. He has Breitbart’s Steve Bannon running his campaign. It’s hardly even a pivot to go from Trump campaign to Trump TV.

Now let’s look at how this affects you and how you can affect it. The outcome is in your hands. The only way Trump wins the presidency is in a low turnout election where would be Clinton voters stay home because of overconfidence. The choice becomes whether you want President Donald Trump or TV star/media mogul Donald Trump.

If you haven’t already come to the conclusion that a President Trump would be dangerous my only suggestion is that you spend more time on planet Earth.

TV Trump will only be an annoyance if you allow him to be. You can simply choose not to watch his television station. In fact it will probably be some sort of pay for view or part of a cable premium package in which cases you can simply decide not to purchase. No cable provider will make Trump TV part of its basic package for fear of a consumer revolt.

The choice is yours: handle Trump TV in the comfort of your favorite chair by manipulating your television’s remote control or feel the remorse of not having voted against a President Trump; a powerful remote control or powerless remorse? You can’t buy a new Caddy for $250, but you can help defeat Donald Trump. Get out and vote!

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