World Series Cleanup?

Today’s is the last “live blog” I will post for a few days. It is also the day (or evening to be more accurate) of the sixth and possibly deciding game of the World Series. Therefore I thought it would be a good opportunity to clean up (bad pun intended). Let’s explore.

Sunday U. S. Forces eliminated ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The men and women of our military did a great job in difficult circumstances and should be commended. President Donald Trump’s performance wasn’t nearly as praise worthy.

I couldn’t help but compare this event with the 2011 demise of Osama bin Laden. While the military operations were very similar the presidential actions couldn’t have been more different! I guess that’s what happens when you switch from a constitutional law professor who wrote two bestselling books to a person who doesn’t have the attention span required to read the Constitution (including the 27 amendments about a half hour).

Obama took about 9 minutes to inform the nation of bin Laden’s demise. Trump took about 50 minutes much of which was taken up by lying to the assembled press. Obama left the release of military details to the professionals at the Pentagon. Trump revealed a lot of material that will help terrorists and endanger our troops.

Sunday night Trump attended the fifth game of the World Series and when his presence was announced he was greeted by a chorus of boos along with chants of “Lock him up” and “Impeach him”.

To make a baseball analogy let’s look at Trump’s recent exploits in the Middle East as a baseball trade. He is asking us to believe that acquiring a general manager in exchange for an entire farm system is a great deal.

If you can make sense out of Trump’s troop movements in Syria you are better than me. The latest appears to be that American troops (none of which ever came home as Trump originally promised) are now assigned to guarding the Syrian oil fields. This is a disaster on two fronts. First, Syria has two-tenth of one percent (.002) of the global oil reserves. In other words their oil reserves are negligible. Second, this move just reinforces the terrorists recruiting point that America doesn’t care about the denizens of the Middle East; they only care about the region’s oil.

Russian spy Maria Butina was released from a federal prison on Friday and immediately deported via a Russia bound airplane. It will be interesting to see what kind of reception she gets. My guess is that it will be similar to the one Anna Chapman received. Chapman is now somewhat of a celebrity in Russia.

Turning to the disaster that can’t get resolved in Europe, Brexit took even more strange turns in the last few days. With Parliament effectively thumbing their collective nose at Boris Johnson he has asked for an early election on December 12th. In exchange the EU has extended the deadline for British withdrawal to January 31 from October 31. Stay tuned on this one and for a credible news source on it I suggest the BBC.

The citizens of Colorado can sleep soundly knowing their President has their security in mind. Trump stated that he is building a wall on Colorado’s southern border to protect them from the invasion of illegal aliens complete with drugs. There is a problem with that. Colorado’s southern border is almost entirely with New Mexico which has been an American state since 1912.

How is that swamp draining going? Here are two recent situations I’d like to take a brief look at before you answer that question.

CertiPath received a $33 million dollar federal contract to provide security for some federal courthouses and cell blocks. A part owner of the company is Robert S. Trump, the president’s brother. That fact was never disclosed during the bidding process.

There is a ton of suspicion surrounding the awarding of a $10 billion cloud project which I will not get into but here is something I found interesting. Defense Secretary Mark Esper recused himself from the awarding of the contract because his son works for one of the bidders. Defense Department spokesman Jonathan Hoffman announced Secretary Esper was taking the action, “Out of an abundance of caution”. That is like saying soldiers take live ammunition into battle out of an abundance of caution.

Oh, and while all this is happening wildfires are raging in California again leaving people without utilities and homes. If only they had listened to the genius in the White House and raked their leaves.

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