Why WHO?

On the surface a reasonable question to ask is why Donald Trump went after the WHO. I think I have some of the answers and he is neither smart enough nor knowledgeable enough to have thought of them alone, so somebody did it for him. Let’s explore.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is an offshoot of the UN and was formed in 1948. It has been an extreme right wing target since its inception. If you asked them why they probably couldn’t give you an accurate answer.  In fact, I’ll content that if two weeks ago you asked most Trump supporters about the WHO their reply would either be “Who?” or they would talk about the British rock band led by Roger Daltrey. In other words if Bubba is your base it was an easy target.

A major principle in Trumpism is never to admit defeat or take the blame. The WHO was an easy fall guy. But it doesn’t stop there.

The virus started in the Northern hemisphere. There is reason to assume that like most viruses it will follow the cold weather which means it will soon be traveling to the Southern hemisphere. At this point America is in a dubious first place and should end up having the worst record of fighting the coronavirus of any Northern Hemisphere country which at this point translates to the world. Even Trump isn’t stupid enough to want to tout that sort of being number one.

By and large the Northern Hemisphere countries are the most medically advanced; the Southern hemisphere countries the most challenged. Many of them are very impoverished in fact relying on the WHO for aid in pandemic situations. Case and fatality numbers should be much worse when the coronavirus finally takes hold south of the equator. That will help deflect from Trump’s failure. His supporters won’t care much because the denizens of that hemisphere are overwhelmingly brown and black people. Bubba only cares about white people who mainly live in Canada, the United States and Europe. Remember Trump took over a Republican Party the current version of which stands on three pillars: Racism/bigotry, greed and the promotion of ignorance.

I’m not blaming Trump for the virus. I’m not saying he cooked it up in some lab. In fact the preponderance of the evidence says nobody did. It most likely came from animals.

Trump plays a slick game with China. When talking to Bubba (at his rallies or now on his daily TV show – like a typical banana republic dictator) he portrays China as the villain. In interactions with Chinese government officials the gloves go on and as long as his family gets a good business deal Trump will go along with their demands; (if he can pocket a few extra bucks by serving a big piece of chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago, all the better.) Trump, aided by minions like Mike Pompeo will pull an occasional diversionary stunt, but in the long run they will play nice with the Chinese.

With the United States pulling funding of the WHO, (in direct violation of the Constitution), by default China gains in international influence. America first is sounding more like America alone every day. Whatever happened to being the leader of the free world?

Somehow ultimately Trump will spin this as being all the fault of the United Nations along with the black and brown people they serve while stealing Bubba’s money in the process. That is neither true nor does it make sense but it will play well with his base. That is why the WHO.

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