Why I Still Plan On Voting For Joe Biden

Timestamp: Wednesday morning

Today’s title (and more about the selection of this specific publication date below) gives away the action; I want to primarily concentrate the “why” component in the following.

I had the idea for this article in my head when my personal friend Steve posted a comment to an earlier article. That cemented today’s content. I like to think of myself as a practical progressive. It may be crude, and a bit unfair to the president, but at this point I think the Democrats are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden as their 2024 nominee.

I think his record merits his re-election. I don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future but to date and based on his performance he would have to go down in history as either a very good or great president. His biggest personal “fault” is being a dad who loves his kids. His administration’s biggest weakness (and you might also say his campaign’s) is its communications shop. They simply are not selling him.

OK, back to why I’m planning on voting for Biden and think he will still be the Democrats nominee this fall. When you consider all the factors it is too late for the Democrats to replace him with someone who can win. It is not a lack of good candidates with a D after their names. In fact, the opposite is part of the problem. The mechanics of conventions have radically changed in the last several decades as have the mechanics and money involved in a presidential campaign.

First off there would be a food fight among the Democrats as to who should replace Biden. Even after it was resolved there would be hard feelings among the powerful. Few like to mention it but there is a strong race card and a slightly less strong gender card at play in order for the Democrats to put together a coalition with sufficient voter turnout to win in November. If Kamala Harris is not elevated to the top slot Black turnout will suffer. If a woman is not on the ticket female turnout will suffer. Without a large Black turnout the Democrats cannot win. Dobbs is such a motivating turnout issue (sadly mostly for women) that if a woman is not on the ticket enough women will feel they are being used, not represented, that the anticipated bump in women’s turnout and the anticipated swing in the white women’s vote (albeit small) will not happen.

If Biden were to step aside, I can see Harris becoming the nominee but not without a fight. That fight would leave wounds that would take some time to heal and the one thing the Democrats don’t have is time. I’ve been involved in the behind the scenes “trench work” of campaigns. It takes time. The seats at rallies aren’t magically filled. There are super voters like me but a close election – and we have every reason to anticipate that 2024 will be close – is won on the margins. That entails registering new voters and the follow-up necessary to get them to actually show up at the polls. It also entails motivating those who would vote your way but whose first inclination is to sit it out. The door knockers, phone bankers and driver to the polls don’t organize themselves and few outright volunteer; they need a nudge.

There is no doubt that the Democrats’ -and with-it Biden’s – cause was hurt by last week’s debate performance. I’ll use another sports analogy. A stating pitcher can have Cy Young year but he gets absolutely rocked in one outing causing him to be pulled before the first inning is over. You don’t trade or cut him. That said Biden is on a sort of secret probation and certainly under the microscope. If last Thursday’s performance becomes typical and not an outlier then we are looking at a different situation.

That brings us to the question (and it is a legitimate one) of: what if during those next four years Biden is simply not up to the task? Unlike Trump, Biden will be surrounded by competent not sycophantic people. A Cabinet with the likes of Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Gina Raimondo would invoke the 25th Amendment if simply advising Biden to step aside didn’t work. They are loyal to America first and Biden second.

I’m hoping one of my pet political theories prevails despite the concerns about Biden’ ability to do the job. I feel that Americans tend to vote against, not for, candidates. Donald Trump is simply unacceptable. He proved that he is not up to the job during his term and we have every reason to believe that he (especially backed by a compliant Supreme Court) would be much, much worse the second time around!

Today is Independence Day or the Fourth of July as most Americans call it. It is a celebration of our declaring our independence and the birth of the country. It has always been my favorite holiday. (I think that has much to do with growing up in Western New York and loving baseball. It was the only holiday where baseball weather was close to guaranteed. Good pick; bad reason.) Many Americans (some well before my family came to this continent) died so that I could live and vote in a democracy. To let that slip away – especially by not voting for the only viable choice to preserve that (Joe Biden) – would be to dishonor them. That is why I’m still planning on voting for him on the first day of in-person early voting in North Carolina. To my conservative friends who neither like Biden’s policies nor have a viable option this year I say hold your nose while you do it if you need to, but vote for Joe – it’s the patriotic thing to do.

Want to leave for your holiday celebration on a bright note? If the polling reflects reality Labour should become the majority party in the UK in today’s elections.

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