Why I Continue

This is far from a compelling opening paragraph but it is an honest one. Late last year this column became less fun to write. I had always promised myself when that happened (and coupled with a few other things happening in my life) that I would quit. In a perfect world I’d have pulled the plug with the beginning of the new year. However, that was 2024 and (I know the phrase is both well-worn and has been abused) it will be the most important election of our lives especially if we get it wrong. Therefore, and with my eyes wide open, I decided to write through the election. Read on, I get deeper into this and cite some recent examples of the effectiveness of bringing attention to issues.

My readers are mostly of a homogeneous political outlook except for the few on the other side who are monitoring, not reading, me. I also realize that I’m small potatoes. While this site’s traffic is in the top 2% it still only measures its daily readership in five figures (the last time I checked anyway). It was not set up to make money. It was set upon to lose less than $1,000 a year and has been successful at that. (Your snickers and laughs are appropriate.) What I can do – in my own small way – is bring attention to problems thereby giving fodder to progressives while simultaneously motivating likeminded voters who were contemplating sitting it out to actually cast their votes. GOTV or voter turnout if you will.

I’m a small player in this game but others are not and I’d like to talk about a few recent successes along that front.

Steve Bannon lost his appeal and while other avenues may be open it appears his legal journey has reached an end and he will be spending some time behind bars as other Trumpers have and many more will in the future. Nothing would have happened sans a legitimate free press.

In one that is much more “sunshine/disinfectant related” Paul Manafort now does not appear to be joining the Trump campaign, in any visible role that is. Without the publicity that would never have happened.

My third example is both publicity and perhaps the intervention of a mother. Barron Trump was elected as an at-large member of the Florida delegation to the Republican National Convention. This would have marked his entry into the political arena and made him fair game. At 18 – and unlike his father I got his age correct – entering the arena with the baggage of his father would have haunted him for the rest of his political life if he chose one. In addition to the publicity and accompanying outcry, it appears his mother Melania Trump, got involved and straightened him out.

Trump portrayed as a family man is a joke! One proof is displayed by the persons that should be closest to him. As of this writing his current wife is yet to make an appearance at his criminal trial. In fact, the only family member to do so was his son Eric and that wasn’t until well into the proceedings.

Don’t give me that delicate situation excuse! Historically political wives have stood by their husband’s sides when the husband was accused of marital infidelity. I remember the photos! To me one of the big questions of the Trump hush money trial is: Where’s Melania?

With the possible exception of some time that I will need to take off this summer to accommodate travel and surgical plans (not life threatening) I will continue to publish a minimum of five times a week through mid-December. The victories are few and far between but they occur.

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