Who Needs Scouts?

While we are all distracted with Trump’s tweets and Russiagate he and his minions are doing severe damage to our federal government that will be with us long after they have exited the scene. In his defense it may well be due to his ignorance. I’m an old baseball fan (some days I feel the operative word is old). I remember when Marge Schott owned the Cincinnati Reds. Famously she once wanted to fire all their scouts. In the bliss of her ignorance she declared, “All they do is sit around and watch ball games.” Allow me to expand on that.

While Marge Schott was a lifelong baseball fan she knew almost nothing of the inner workings of the game. That was illustrated when she reached a high level position in baseball. (Parallel one with Trump.)

Schott owned the Reds from 1984 to 1999. She was suspended by Major League Baseball in 1996 and 1998; (it is widely believed that the suspension led to her selling the team in 1999.) Major contributing factors to her suspension were her frequent racist statements and her embracing of Nazism and Adolph Hitler (yes, this is decades after Hitler’s death). (Do you see parallels here with Trump?)

Trump frequently refers to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as, “Pocahontas”. He actually did it on Monday during a ceremony honoring Navaho Indians who were heroes of World War II. (That’s the one where the good guys beat the Nazis.) He doesn’t even try to conceal his racist remarks about Mexicans. His racist remarks about African-Americans are very thinly veiled. I wonder what his and his minions’ reaction would be to a prominent African-American calling him, “Whitey”. Do you think the right wing press would but in an uproar?

As of this writing Trump has appointed his OMB Director Mick Mulvaney to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The appointment is a direct violation of the agency’s authorizing legislation. Trump doesn’t care and in fact wins by creating the confusion. Mulvaney is another of the fox in charge of the henhouse appointments we have seen under Trump. Mulvaney is a longtime critic of the CFPB and has called it a, “Joke”.

The Department of Energy is headed by Rick Perry who wanted to eliminate the agency when he ran for President in 2012. He famously just couldn’t remember the agency’s name when he had the opportunity to say it during a debate. (Trump promised America that he would hire only the best people.)

The Education Department, whose mission is to oversee public education in America, is headed by Betsy DeVos. Other than spending her inherited and married into money, Betsy has dedicated her life to be an opponent of public education.

Scott Pruitt is documented to be beholden to major polluters. Trump nominated him to head the EPA despite the fact he was actively suing the agency and does not believe in climate change. (Remember that the Senate Republicans confirmed the appointment and should be held complicit.)

Senior diplomates at the State Department are leaving in droves under pressure from Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Tillerson is streamlining the agency mainly by trying to get rid of anyone with experience. In other words he wants to rid the agency charged with diplomacy of any seasoned diplomats. What could go wrong with that? It’s like getting the rid of the knowledgeable people who look at talent and assess opponents when you are running a baseball team.

The late Marge Schott is remembered as one of baseball’s most colorful and controversial owners; not one of it geniuses or success stories. The difference I see between Schott and Trump is that Schott had good intentions and actually wanted her team to win.

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