While I Was “Gone”

I’m back. This is my first “live” blog in about two weeks. A lot happens in politics during that duration in normal times and in the midst of arguably the most unusual American presidential campaign in history that is magnified. It is impossible for me to cover everything that happened in under 1,000 words so I’ll take brief a look a few things. Come along.

First I’ll tell you just a bit about where I was and what I did. My wife and I went to the Tampa Bay area. I saw a few old friends and was unable to see many more that I would have loved to have visited with. My number one goal on this trip was to spend quality, unencumbered time with my wife and I make no apologies for that!

I had the chance to meet with Terry Ogden, the man primarily responsible for getting this site back up in a short time when the former host suddenly disappeared. Our brief time together was personally rewarding and may well impact my future writing; more on that in the future.

I had the opportunity to hear my friend Wendy Rich sing. Wendy has sung professionally since her youth and allowed me to experience what Janis Joplin’s would have been like had she survived to 2016. (Wendy worked with Janis in days long gone by.)

The night of September 1st going into the wee hours of September 2nd we stayed in Brunswick, Georgia where Hurricane Hermine knocked out power to our hotel for about an hour. The Florida hotel I spent most of the trip in housed people who lost their homes in the storm. Pasco County Florida (part of the northern Tampa Bay area) suffered the most damage of any Florida county although almost all of it was confined to low lying areas near the Gulf of Mexico. In the Tampa Bay region the families most severely impacted by Hermine were among those with the least economic resources.

Donald Trump went to Mexico and figuratively resembled the sculptures of him that appeared in five major cities recently – genitalia free. (Sometimes it’s difficult to maintain the PG rating!) Hours later he gave his “major immigration policy speech” in front of an adoring crowd and talked tougher than ever. Trump is a typical bully: a coward at heart and that is evident when he is confronted with any semblance of resistance.

That weekend Trump displayed his “courage” by going to a black church in Detroit where the “show” was scripted more tightly than an episode of The Apprentice. Can you imagine how poorly Trump would fare if he were dropped into an inner city and had to hold a candid conversation with the people on the street? Word of advice Donald – if you are ever foolish enough to attempt that; wear dark pants!

Mr. Trump announced that he would grace us with his presence at the Presidential Debates. He made it sound like he was doing America a favor. In case you haven’t read any legitimate polls Donald, you are losing. You need the debates. Hillary Clinton doesn’t. In a winner take all contest if you’re not in first you have nothing to lose.

While I largely stayed away from political news, I did have MSNBC on Thursday morning when Mike Barnacle asked Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson what his policy on Aleppo was. Johnson’s extremely small chance of having an impact evaporated when he replied, “What is Aleppo?”. One major difference between Johnson and Trump is that Trump is a great bullshitter and Johnson is inherently honest. Remember Trump’s answer to a debate question about the nuclear triad?

We learned that Matt Lauer should stick to the fluff pieces segment of the news business. We also learned that Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin is still going strong. Topping the “terror in learning” list, we learned that the always polite (sic) Trump takes great offense at someone giving an American ship the finger; in fact he’d be willing to start a war over that gesture. Now that’s the judgment of a leader. No it’s not!

Just a thought; but if prominent Republicans continue to keep distancing themselves from Donald Trump might they have to vote for him by mail from foreign countries?

Finally, while I think she should have left saying it to the attack dogs, except for possibly the percentage, I agree with Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” comment. If you hold any or all of the following values: racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or Islamophobia they are deplorable not American!

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