Which Next?

My biggest non-partisan criticism of the American political system is the influence of money on it. Political fundraising has become an industry. There is nary a day goes by without me getting a flood of emails all asking for money for some political/policy cause. I am far from alone! Abortion has been one of the hottest topics for decades. I am among the many who feel that the Supreme Court will effectively gut Roe v Wade in the coming weeks. The fundraisers will not stop; there is simply too much money to be made. The question is which will be the next cause.

Fundraising takes part of both ends of the political spectrum. In this case the right wing will have to make the first move and the left wing fundraisers will take the opposite side of the topic immediately. The three most likely Supreme Court decisions that I feel will be the next target(s) are Griswold v Connecticut (contraception), Loving v Virginia (interracial marriage) or Obergefell v Hodges (same-sex civil marriage).

It’s simple; politically the right wants to strike when it has a Supreme Court majority and the money people are not about to close up shop and go home. It is simply too profitable. The battle is inevitable; it is simply a matter of determining the battlefield(s).

It will be easy to rally the lowest common denominator that constitutes the majority of the right wing’s base around any of the three cases. Contraception, while practiced by most American families regardless of political or religious leaning, is closely aligned with abortion (and the subjugation of women). Interracial marriage dovetails nicely with the racism that is one of the three pillars holding up the current Republican party. Same-sex civil marriage plays well to the Republican base’s fear of the “other”. Any or a combination could be the next big right wing crusade.

I would be remiss not to briefly touch on the current Court. Samuel Alito and Clarence “Just give the money to Virginia” Thomas are solid reactionary votes and have been for decades. Donald Trump, with significant assists from Mitch McConnell, managed to add Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Court. That five constitutes a solid majority. John Roberts is no friend of the people but he will sometimes consider his legacy. He might “stick his neck out” when he is the deciding vote but there really is no difference in outcome between 5-4 and 6-3.

If these rights become issues decided state by state (and that is assuming that the laws currently in process giving home states effective control on their citizen’s out-of-state activity don’t stand up) we have curtailed one of America’s strengths – the mobility of its workforce. Do you really want to live in a state that prohibits contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage and interracial marriage?

Another logistical issue is medication. Numbers appear to be all over the place, but it is safe to say that a significant portion of medications are delivered via common carrier. These are national operations and need to be to maintain economies of scale. How does that exist in a “national market” with 50 different laws?

Overturning these rulings would disproportionately negatively effect women. Have no doubt the right wing’s war on women is alive and well.

I’m an old, cisgender, heterosexual male who is extremely happily married to a woman of the same race. You might ask why I care. None of these issues directly effect me. The reality is that every one of them adversely effect members of my family and I’m not that unusual.

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  1. Sadly, the majority usually fails to see the consequences of reactionary legislation.

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