Which Flag?

For some reason today I’m thinking about the 2024 presidential race a lot so I figured I might as well write about it. It’s early but I promise you will find parts amusing if not interesting.

I had a wild though the other day which I want you to keep in mind as you read this post. It was: What flag will they fly at the 2024 Republican convention?

I’m assuming that unless the asylum is taken back from the inmates and he is not dead, Donald Trump will be the nominee. Incarceration, should it happen, will not matter and in fact may help his cause with his core supporters. Therefore the Trump flag is a real possibility and would be the most honest choice.

My past predictions that the Tea Party would die were only partially correct. In reality they have morphed into the Trump base so in homage to their political heritage the Gadsden flag (which they appropriated much like the conservative label) would have a legitimate place on the stage.

If you want to go further back in political heritage and pay respect to their white supremacist roots, they could fly the Nazi flag. A bit further back and the confederate flag would be equally appropriate. While I expect to see both in the audience, I doubt today’s GOP has the honesty to fly either on the stage.

If Fox News has anything to do with the selection, the Russian and Hungarian flags are strong contenders. Depending on what happens with the situation in Ukraine, Hungary (a NATO country) could quickly fall of their “love letter” list.

We are looking at over two years until the 2024 national conventions which is several lifetimes in American politics. If smart money were forced to bet the 2024 presidential matchup today it would wager on a rematch of 2020. That could change on either or both ends. (I’m more confident in Trump’s candidacy than Joe Biden’s but again we are a long way away and a lot will happen especially impacting Biden).

If both sides become wide open affairs, I can see upwards of 40 hopefuls tossing their hats into the ring. There will be a lot of clowns – but then one of them won in 2016. I remember at one point in the GOP contest writing that Chris Christie may have been the most sensible candidate left on the debate stage. When Christie is the best you have to offer you are totally devoid of quality. To be fair the Democratic 2020 field included Maryann Williamson. Yes, really.

Back to the flag. I feel the answer is that the flag on the stage will be the American flag. If today’s Republican party is anything it is a collection of hypocrites, especially at the RNC level. Can you say, “Legitimate political discourse”?

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  1. I thought John Kasich was the best qualified Republican, by far. Haven’t heard anything from him about ’24. Too bad.

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