When Will This Be Read?

Both hands of the clock are about to point straight up on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Raleigh area as I begin to pen this wondering when it will be available for you to read. Earlier this morning I went to the website to review my article scheduled for today’s publishing. (Self-editing is not recommended but my staff is composed of me, myself and I. Therefore checking the morning of publishing often yields typos that evaded me during the initial writing, editing and posting process.) When I tried to access the site all I received was a blank page. With that in mind I wanted to clear my notes with several comments. My plans are to schedule this for Monday morning posting. Let’s explore and I sincerely hope this comes to your eyeballs soon.

A few months ago I finally read Michael Lewis’ book The Fifth Risk. A large part of it concentrated on the abysmal job the Trump administration did in the transition and the operations it shuttered or effectively shuttered upon taking over. The Obama administration duplicated the great job the Bush 43 administration had done and prepared extensive briefings which were almost entirely ignored. In most cases nobody from the alleged Trump transition team showed up and when they did it was often one unqualified and disinterested person. The lack of seriousness and preparedness is now biting the population in the behind in the form of the coronavirus. (That will eventually lead to Coronagate.) The last sentence of the book now has a more ominous ring than ever. It reads, “It’s what you fail to imagine that kills you.”

Former Republican Political Consultant Rick Wilson warns that Cambridge Analytica is now operating under the name Data Propria. Keep an eye peeled for that name to surface in connection with a 2020 election scandal.

Some time back Trump claimed he was the “Chief Law Enforcement Officer”. Does that mean he is a dirty cop?

There is a pardon procedure in place which Trump has ignored. He has made it plain that he will reward loyalty with presidential pardons sprinkling in a few others for diversion. The word recently leaked that Boy Blunder, Jared Kushner, has been put in charge of a committee to review the presidential pardon process. I guess considering his success in restructuring the federal government and economic system while simultaneously bringing peace to the Middle East he is well qualified and has plenty of free time. (Now he appears to be the real coronavirus czar also.) Currently the only thing radically wrong with the presidential pardon process is the president.

Trump’s strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic is similar to a man donning a long sleeve shirt to “treat” the rash on his arm.

When a random sample of natural born Americans across all 50 states were asked to take the citizenship test only those from Vermont had over 50% pass. Think about that for a minute. Perhaps that accounts for some of the people we have in elected office.

The first three words of the Preamble of the United States Constitution are, “We the people”. You might say we were founded on the principle of socialism.   (I caution Democratic candidates not to use this in their campaigns!)

Harry Truman is reported to have said, “While all leaders will be readers; not all readers will be leaders.” Donald Trump is neither.

Trump brags of his unpredictability. Perhaps it is wise to remember that an insane man is also unpredictable.

Gullibility and stupidity may not be crimes but I don’t want them in the Oval Office.

All the people who just weeks ago were running around praising Trump’s economic performance now appear to be guilty of, at the least, premature exuberance.

I could go on but I think I have given you several things to consider today already.

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