When Is It OK To Get Sick Again?

It is Saturday afternoon as I begin to pen this. The importance of the time will become apparent. This is my personal story… I’ll complete that sentence at the end.

In the early morning of Saturday, February 13, 2021 I received my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I’m not afraid of shots but was especially lucky in that I did not even feel the needle as the RN administered the shot. Some six hours later I have not experienced any side effects. I am lucky in that I received the vaccine and luckier still in that it appears it is not setting me back a bit.

After an early morning appointment with my primary care provider on St. Patrick’s Day 2020, I basically confined myself to quarters. Over the last few months I loosened up a bit; but not much. (And much of that at the prudent prodding of my wife.) The question in my mind was when would it be OK to get sick again. I’m not talking anything serious; just the normal cold etc. Well, I guess I got my personal answer Saturday morning.

The greater point here is that we must vaccinate everyone possible because we cannot have a prosperous economy with people sheltering in place indefinitely or at least severely cutting back activity.

I was scheduled for my second dose on March 6th. From what I know you have to allow about 3 to 4 weeks for maximum immunity so I’ll be at “full protection” around April 1st. I think that April Fools’ Day is actually a lesson for us all. Even after being fully vaccinated you need to continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently. My degree is in management not medicine but I have the abilities to do critical thinking and read. A vaccine is not 100% fool proof so don’t be the fool! It provides significant protection, not immunity. After full vaccination and the time expiring if I should contract the virus I should only experience mild symptoms. OF IMPORTANT NOTE: at this moment we do not know if the vaccine prevents us from transmitting the virus to others. You have a moral responsibility to protect your fellow man!

I have been lucky since last St. Patrick’s Day; part of it came from my prudent actions and personal sacrifices. The one time I did have a “sick day” was my own fault. (I have no self-discipline with peanuts and overdid it. That was followed by a day primarily spent “worshiping the porcelain god”; it was my own fault).

I used my experience to tell today’s story. I sincerely hope all of you have enjoyed  the good health I have for the past year. While I used my experience as an example the story is really about all of us.

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