What’s Going On In Your House

Timestamp: Monday morning, Martin Luther King Day

As I pen this another possible government shutdown looms. The current House Speaker, Mike Johnson, is part of a leadership agreement on a budget (which is already months late – students try that in your school work. No don’t, I’m only being sarcastic!) The most radical of the House GOP members are floating the idea of firing Johnson, like they did Kevin McCarthy, for his agreeing to keep the government open. That agreement doesn’t look like it will get across the finish line and the most viable alternative I’ve heard kicked around is another continuing resolution (CR) with a two-pronged end date. Instead of working on getting the government funded a significant portion of the House GOP is either trying to impeach President Biden and/or a significant number of the members of his Cabinet all without cause or proof of impeachable offenses. In addition to that it appears at least two female GOP House members, (Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Nancy Mace of South Carolina), are obsessed with Hunter Biden’s genitalia. (Do you know how difficult it is to keep this PG sometimes?) Oh, and that isn’t even the primary catalyst for today’s rant.

Most politicians, especially those who like to portray themselves as fiscally conservative Republicans, constantly rant against wasteful government spending. Well, a prime example of it came to my attention this past weekend. House members wear pins that help security identify them as members with access to the floor of the House chamber and other restricted areas in the Capital. The pin changes with each Congress because of turnover. The Republicans changed the pin in midstream this January primarily because many of them didn’t like the green background. The total cost of doing so was $40,000. Now I realize that $40,000 is not even a rounding error in the huge federal budget but it is nonetheless a waste.

Talking about wasting federal dollars, all those impeachments inquires, the committee work and the legal work (including subpoenas) cost you a lot of money and have to date produced nothing that benefited the American people. I don’t have a specific number but I know it is significantly larger than $40,000.

Speaking of subpoenas, I found it somewhat comical that the Republican controlled House Oversight Committee recommended (along party line) holding Hunter Biden in contempt for not honoring a subpoena of dubious legality while he was sitting right in front of them volunteering to testify. That is particularly rich considering the “respect” for Congressional subpoenas Republican House members (many still current members) showed in the last Congress.

My long-time readers know that one of the things that galls me is when people say there is no difference between the parties. That makes great rhetoric if your audience is politically ignorant but it simply is not true. $40,000 may not be much when juxtaposed with the federal budget (or a CR) but to most Americans it is big money. Buying a $40,000 automobile is a major family decision. A $40,000 difference in price might well determine which house you buy. Need I go on? I think not.

Now if it were only this single $40,000.

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  1. Sometimes I’m amazed that this country has lasted as long as it has. How much longer can we survive the ignorant electing the incompetent?

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