Whatgate And Why Now?

As far as I can tell it started last weekend. I’m sure it has been part of right wing mythology for a while but President Trump put it in the mainstream as part of his weekend tweetstorm. It is Obamagate. What is it and why now? Let’s explore.

Most Americans are wondering what Obamagate is? To answer it succinctly it is made up right wing mythology. When the Washington Post’s Phil Rucker challenged Trump to specify what law(s) Obama violated Trump, given two opportunities, Trump couldn’t.

Later in that same Monday Rose Garden press availability Trump was basically chased off the podium when he couldn’t handle the questions from two female reporters. Is it any wonder people like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-un figuratively eat Trump’s lunch?

Trump knows he is like a quarterback whose team is on their own twenty yard line, down by six points with three seconds to go in the game. His only play is a Hail Mary and his currently coronavirus response is exactly that. He is gambling – like a Hail Mary, against the odds – that he can open up the country and the virus will magically dissipate. Reopening the economy (on the bold assumption that consumers will actually spend at a sufficient level) is his only chance to get the economy back in what will appear to be good shape by the election.

Trump is refusing to wear a mask even in the Oval Office sans cameras. His excuse is that it would make him look like a weak leader. Mr. Trump since you are so worried about appearing presidential I have to ask, have you ever seen how ridiculous you look in those snapback hats you wear and sell? The real reason Trump doesn’t wear a mask is that he knows the mask does little to protect the wearer; it mainly protects the people the wearer comes in contact with. Since Trump only cares about himself why would he wear one?

The Trump enablers are already setting the stage for refusing to debate the Democratic nominee this fall. The reality is that Trump is afraid to debate Joe Biden or any Democrat for that matter. Look how Nancy Pelosi (who is a very skilled politician) owns him. I will not be surprised if there are zero Presidential or Vice Presidential debates this election cycle. (Could you imagine a hypothetical Pence-Harris matchup?)

I’ll leave you with another football metaphor. Trump is spiking the football at the 20 (his own) and claiming victory. Monday, at what he hoped was a postgame victory press conference he ran away when the reporters pursued the truth. (How do you claim victory with 80,000 American coronavirus death to date and about 2,000 additional ones per day?) Trump’s biggest fear is that the truth be told.

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