At What Point?

I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. I believe in the American legal principle of innocent until proven guilty. I try not to leap to a conclusion, especially when there are ramifications to that conclusion. But there comes a point and that is what I want to discuss today.

Many declared Donald Trump to be a racist (along with other ignorance based things) a long time ago. The number of Americans reaching that conclusion is increasing, not diminishing as time goes on. I have denounced many of his racist and xenophobic actions but have considered them to be politically expedient positions, not personal views. In other words I have heretofore given President Trump the benefit of the doubt.

At what point do I stop giving Trump the benefit of the doubt about being a racist?

At what point when you continually give aid and comfort to racists do you become one of them?

When you are in a position of leadership and you give their prejudices a false equivalency to legitimate points of view have you become one of them? President Trump, you are no longer just a candidate fighting for free press coverage; you are the President of the United States of American and it is high time you started acting the part!

You began your 2016 campaign with xenophobic statements about Mexicans. One of your great call and response routines during the campaign rallies that so flattered your fragile ego had to do with building a wall along the Mexican border. Six months into office and you are no closer to getting the wall built or having Mexico pay for it. But a modified version of this routine is still a staple of your ego flattering rallies.

One of your first acts in office was a Muslim Ban that the courts have ruled to be largely unconstitional. The ban had no basis in fact but it looked good to your largely xenophobic base.

You claim to not be a racist but you are leading an effort to take voter suppression nationwide via a commission in reality headed by Kris Kobach who has made a career of authoring (mostly unconstitutional) voter suppression and anti-immigration laws. Like other voter suppression laws this panel’s actions, if successful, would disproportionately harm people of color. The racists in your base love that.

You give a wink and a nod to those in your base who openly express their anti-Semitic feelings. No matter how many Jewish friends and relatives you have you are protecting and giving a feeling of legitimacy to anti-Semites.

Saturday you delayed making a statement about the events in Charlottesville and when you finally spoke your words were inadequate to the point of being embarrassing even those in your own Party. Your first reaction was to have your staff release a statement (not attributed to anyone personally) proclaiming the adequacy of your words. Under severe pressure you finally made another statement on Monday which was proceeded by another of your “pat yourself on the back” somewhat misleading infomercials. America didn’t want to hear you tell us how great you are again; it wanted to hear you renounce white supremacy. You did a much better job than you did on Saturday; however it was still incomplete and why was it so long in coming? Could it be because you were only willing to do something closely resembling the right thing only after you had been caught giving a wink and nod legitimacy to the racists, anti-Semites and xenophobes in your base. By now they knew you really stood with them and were just placating the rest of us.

During the campaign you often repeated the right wing rhetoric asking why President Obama wouldn’t say “radical Islamic terrorism”. (If you understood international diplomacy you would have already known the answer.) Today I ask you why you won’t call the murder in Charlottesville an act of domestic terrorism. Could it be because much of your base wouldn’t like the truth?

You have passed the point where a few words are adequate (especially if they are delayed)! An act of contrition (which neither the “anonymous” White House statement nor your Monday infomercial contained), is inadequate. What I am looking for is concrete action from the executive branch!

“At what point?” is the question that is the core of this article; Mr. President, for this American that point is now.

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  1. Well Larry, we got our confirmation yesterday, didn’t we? If there is anyone who doubts that Donald Trump is personally as well as politically racist, that person is a fool…but more than that…a racist. At what point indeed? Does he have to go out onto Fifth Avenue and shoot a person of color?

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