What Matters To You?

Thursday night was another of those political nerd “holidays” – the State of the Union address. I’ve missed very few, if any, in my adult lifetime regardless of the president. I realize that they are largely the president giving his wish list with roughly half the crowd spending most of their time clapping, often on their feet, while the others sit waiting for their chance to exit and hit a watering hole. I’m a political nerd. What can I say?

Before I get into my theme for the day I want to comment on some of the peripheral activities.

Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene dressed, looked and acted much more like a drunk at a University of Georgia football game than a member of Congress. This is not the first time and I doubt it will be that last.

I doubt she realized it, but Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt drew the short straw when she was chosen to give the Republican response. She probably thought it was a launching pad to higher office. Ask wannabe presidents Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio how that worked out for them. Britt’s performance is likely to go down in history with theirs.

I tuned into her address midstream and used my “Rush Limbaugh listening rule”. In other words, I turned it off after I detect what I knew was the second untruth. (We called them lies in the neighborhood I grew up in). I don’t know exactly how long my listening lasted but I know it was well less than 120 seconds. As the fact checkers have had time to review her performance -and from a theatrical standpoint it was not a good one – it appears there were a ton of misstatements. (I’m in a polite mood today.)

I had to feels somewhat sorry for Republican Speaker Mike Johnson. He looked about as comfortable as the only sober Boston fan wearing complete Red Sox gear at a game in Yankee Stadium.

Other than making life easy on the writers at SNL I don’t know what these Republicans accomplished.

Now to President Biden. He had his occasional stutter but other than that he was on fire. When your oration gets complimented by the Reverend Senator Raphael Warnock of Georgia you did great! I would like to know who was the primary writer of the speech. Whoever it was, they did a tremendous job!

To me the themes were what matters and in the (somewhat) interest of brevity I will identify most of them in list form. Before that I have to say that Biden concentrated on women matter. To ignore the timing (Johnson, who probably following Donald Trump’s orders, really messed up on that one!) would be folly. It was effectively the kickoff of Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign and it was effective!

Women’s voting turnout rate has been higher than men’s in every presidential election since 1980 and the gap is growing. Democrats win the female demographic with the exception of one sub demographic white women, and by a small margin. If Biden and the down ballot Democrats can affect even a slight increase in the female vote percentage while maintaining turnout they will defend the White House, take back the House and defend the Senate.

OK, in no particular order here is the list of the rest of what Biden says matters: democracy, health care availability and affordability, freedom, Europe, NATO, accurate history, personal safety, the economy, jobs, infrastructure,  health insurance, technology, clean water, Wi-Fi, rural America, family farms, unions, the American people, the middle class, affordable prescription drugs, veterans, senior citizens, tax payers, affordable housing, public education, affordable college, public school teachers’ salaries, good blue collar jobs, a fair tax code, child poverty prevention, families, Social Security, border security, voting rights, books, the environment, school safety, gun violence, Israel, Palestine and the serving military.

What matters to you?

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