What Are They Thinking?

I don’t do a lot of “anniversary articles”. It would take up all of my “space”. I don’t get to cover everything that merits coverage. Again, a space issue. On Valentine’s Day 2018 a mass shooting took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This week is its five-year anniversary. Keep those facts in mind as you continue to read.

During that mass shooting 17 people died and another 17 were wounded. It understandably dominated American news coverage for days.

Florida is under Republican control including a Republican Governor in Ron DeSantis. As the world remembered the fifth anniversary of this tragedy the Republican controlled legislature is trying to pass a law that would allow the concealed carry of a gun without a permit (which the Republican House Speaker Paul Renner called a, “Government permission slip”) or training.

DeSantis, who has presidential aspirations, is supporting the bill.

By my standards this is a short article but it was simply too important to incorporate in a catch-up piece. To sum up my thought on the Florida (and they are far from alone) Republicans I can only reflect on the refrain from Peter, Paul and Mary’s 1962 hit, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, “Oh, when will they ever learn/ Oh, when will they ever learn.” Or perhaps I should say when will the voters sufficiently make them learn?

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