What A Day To Clean Up

Today is Veterans’ Day in America and for me, in particular, it is time to do a “clean up” article. As I sat down to write this I though what an appropriate juxtaposition of circumstances. In too many cases we asked our veterans to clean up our messes and I want to clean up the backlog of notes I have on things I have neglected to cover.

Defending A GOP House Member

It seems like I spend way too many hours attacking Republican House members but this is one occasion where I come to the defense of one. Republican Fred Upton of Michigan has received death threats because he voted for the infrastructure package. I hope the perpetrates are caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Upton (who I am not about to start a fan club for) did the correct thing in this instance. How can trying to improve our infrastructure be a capital offense?

My Comment Is Long Overdue!

A while back the news broke that the talks among Republican Senator Tim Scott, Democratic Senator Cory Booker and Democratic Representative Karen Bass over police reform broke down short of a resolution. All three are Black and the main reason police reform has become a front and center issue is because of the killings of Blacks by police. Racism/bigotry is one of the three pillars holding up today’s Republican Party. The Party does not care about non-white Americans. In fact, the GOP tries to provide a political home for white supremacists. There Black elected officials are few and far between and are more tokens than anything else. If the lack of success surprised you then you really haven’t been paying attention for the past several decades.

Another Case Of Republican Meddling In Public Education

Although I will not back down from my statements that the words “quality public education” and “Florida” should never be used in the same paragraph, I will concede that generally the University of Florida is considered the premier educational institution in the Sunshine State.

Of late there is a controversy where it appears that political influences (read: Republican Governor Ron DeSantis) were trying to prevent University of Florida (a state school) faculty members from testifying. I’d have to take a book leave and sleep much less if I wanted to write about all the transgression of DeSantis but this is another obvious one. Why are Republicans afraid of the truth and expertise? Sorry, I withdraw a question to which the answer is so obvious.

Warp Speed. At What Cost?

This one didn’t get a lot of press but it is important and illustrates the incompetence (and perhaps something(s) more sinister) of the last administration. The federal government has terminated its contract with Emergent BioSolutions whose plant was one of the key elements of Operation Warp Speed and was responsible for the contamination of many Johnson & Johnson vaccine doses.

Keep in mind that Pfizer operated completely outside of Operation Warp speed which is my guess why Trump uses it as a target.

Raiding The “Truth”

Earlier this month the FBI raided residences, including one owned by James O’Keefe, linked to Project Veritas. They were seeking evidence involving a robbery where pages from President Biden’s adult daughter’s diary were stolen.

Veritas is the Latin word for “the truth”. The O’Keefe-led Project Veritas deals in anything but. (The right wing was “Trumpy” well before Trump.) Veritas and O’Keefe have both been around for a while and neither has a good reputation (I’m being polite again). They are funded largely by dark money and the donors who are publically known are the usual deep pocket right wing extremists.

We Are Dedicated To Voter Suppression

For a third time Senate Republicans blocked debate – not passage, but even a conversation – on a bill designed to protect voting rights. Voter suppression, as an act of self preservation, is one of the uniting “principles” of today’s GOP. I contend that if you are suppressing the vote you are acting in an undemocratic and therefore un-American manner.

I guess their theory is that if you can’t win a contest of ideas, you rig the “judges”.

No Room For Even Occasional Americans At This Party

Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois announced he will not seek reelection to his seat in 2022. That comes as no surprise to me or anyone paying attention. The Republican party has become the party of Trump and there is no room for anyone who isn’t 100% loyal.

On a few occasions Kinzinger has acted as an American not a Trumper and that is a fatal flaw in today’s GOP. It will be interesting to see what Liz Cheney does. The only things that might, and I emphasize might, save her is that she is effectively Republican royalty and comes from a state with a very small population.

I’m Confused

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley defended a citizen who offered a Nazi salute at a school board meeting action, as an act of free speech. Yet the GOP was outraged when Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the nation anthem.

I never served in the military but I know it is common practice to take a knee to honor a fallen co-combatant. It could be my ignorance (but I sincerely doubt it!) but I know of no instances of US military personnel respectfully giving a Nazi salute.

Again, I give myself an incomplete but that is enough for today. To all the veterans out there I thank you and hopefully the entire nation agrees with me on this final point.

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