We Love The Proven Failures And Obsolete

Donald Trump has the habit of referring to himself in the collective. It’s always “We love” we this and we that. My question is who the hell are we? It certainly doesn’t include me. Perhaps he should be truthful for once and say Bubba and I. Many of Trump’s proposals and observation are so ridiculous they are actually humorous. Let’s have a few laughs today.

Just this week Trump embraced the practice known as stop and frisk. There is much speculation that this idea came from Rudy Giuliani. If that is true it is another indication that Trump lacks good judgment; nobody who is anybody in the Republican Party has paid attention to Giuliani in years. There are two logistical problems with stop and frisk. First, it is unconstitutional; second has proven to be a counterproductive and ineffective policing procedure. Of course if Trump had some reliable and knowledgeable sources he would know that. Ruling by conceit and right wing mythology won’t work out well.

Looking at it from a higher moral level while you may not be an immediate target of stop and frisk in time you will be. Today its people of color; in the future it will be a group that you are a member of. Remember this policy is not based on reason; it’s based on control and facilitated by prejudice.

When Trump did put out something that was intended to pass as an economic policy it sounded eerily similar to Republican trickle down/supply side economics. Simply cut taxes on the wealthiest among us and magically we will all prosper. The only problem with that economic theory is that it never works out that way. What it does do is transfer wealth to the very top more rapidly. Kansas is the latest state to experiment with a massive tax cut in anticipation of the magic – Kansas is an economic basket case. While not unconstitutional supply side economics is a proven failure.

Back in the primary Trump did a “fundraiser” on a decommissioned battleship. He lamented, “They don’t build them like this anymore.” He was correct. The problem is that he doesn’t know enough about naval strategy to know why – battleships are obsolete in 21st century naval warfare. It reminds me of the argument Republicans recycle about fleet size.   I thought President Obama sufficiently schooled Mitt Romney on that fact during the 2012 Presidential Debates; but then Trump has never been too embarrassed to utilize a zombie lie if he felt it would play well with Bubba.

Trump still loves to talk about the wall he will build across our southern border using Mexico’s money (except in the presence of the Mexican President). He even compares it to the Great Wall of China. Too bad he doesn’t realize technology has evolved a bit over the centuries.

I have a few suggestions for The Donald. How about a public transportation system based on the Model T? I know Ford doesn’t build them like that anymore but perhaps a President Trump can simply decree that they do. It won’t work but neither will most of his other plans.

Then to really make Bubba happy Trump can repeal Obamacare and replace it with bringing back the old practice of bleeding. If it was good enough for the Founding Fathers it ought to be good enough for today’s poor and working class. It will certainly bring down the cost of medicine in America and we won’t have to waste as much time and effort training physicians. In fact maybe we can just put health care back in the hands of barbers.

What I hope “we” do is elect Hillary Clinton; and that is no joke it is patriotism!

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