Was It Good?

There is a school of thought in business that all publicity is good as long as they spell your name correctly. While most commonly subscribed to by strip club and porn shop operators, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is obviously a subscriber to that theory. The difference is one of integrity. People in the adult entertainment industry are at least honest about what they are doing – Donald Trump, well.

Traditionally a presidential candidate stays off the campaign trail during the other Party’s convention. Trump is anything but a traditional candidate; which in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. Trump played the media again and stole some attention by making another outrageous statement. This time he invited Vladimir Putin and the Russians to hack American entities. Specifically he asked the Russians to find Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails. He claims it was all humor on his part. However, his “humor” may have broken several anti-espionage federal laws. (Don’t worry Donald; you’ll skate on this one. No prudent prosecutor would waste taxpayer dollars prosecuting you.)

This latest gambit probably played well with Bubba whose chant of the summer is, “Lock her up.” Only three words repeated in unison as a mantra. Something nice and simple that Bubba can handle. The problem for Trump is that regular Republicans and independents (not to mention Democrats) were outraged.

If you combine this with (primarily) Khizr Khan’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention the Democrats apparently took away one of the Republicans perceived strengths – patriotism. Mr. Khan told the story of his late son who was an Army Captain and died a hero’s death in Iraq saving the lives of others in the process. Captain Khan was a Muslim, born in Pakistan who moved to the United States at the age of 2. Of course, Bubba may well not even know about Mr. Khan’s speech. Unlike its competitors, Fox News chose to run commercials during the prime time speech that is widely being recognized as the most powerful of the convention. Fox had it in a window, sans sound, so all their viewers saw was an old man standing next to his wife in a hijab, hmmm.

Perhaps Trump is backing off a bit on his “I, alone can fix it” statement. Maybe he intends to make America great again with some help from his buddy Putin. Actually in my opinion the image of Trump singlehandedly saving America is humorous; outrageously humorous!

The Democrats definitely have a better candidate and a better platform. During the last two weeks they may have (politically speaking) also captured the flag. In consolation as far as I can tell every media outlet spelled Trump’s name correctly. Maybe after the campaign is over Donald can import some foreign workers and open up a strip club.

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