Vote For Me

As planned, Thursday morning I voted early. About a week prior to that I printed out a sample ballot and did my research. I didn’t expect to feel comfortable voting for many, if any, Republicans but I still wanted to give everyone on the ballot a look. I was surprised at just how bad many of the GOP candidates were. It’s not a local problem.

On my ballot alone there was a candidate who had driven their vehicle up a curb and aimed it at Black Lives Matter demonstrators. There was a candidate with multiple convictions for income tax evasion. Another had closed a factory and sent many jobs overseas. One supported a total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother. There was a January 6th participant. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

The 1970s Temptations’ hit, Ball of Confusion, was going through my mind as I outlined this article. While approaching it from a different angle the song deals with politicians making promises to voters. The line I always remember from the song is, “Vote for me and I’ll set you free”. I’d like to take a look at what 2022’s Republican candidates are actually promising to do if they are in power.

…I’ll determine the winner in all future elections. Heck you needn’t even bother to vote.

…I’ll stop defending democracy by pulling aid to Ukraine.

…I’ll get rid of regulations that protect your health. Who need drinkable water and breathable air?

…I’ll lower taxes on the rich; too bad you aren’t one of them. If you are both compliant and lucky, I’ll give you enough of a break to pay for your COSTCO membership.

…I’ll control your body should you become pregnant. How that happened and if you die in the process, are your problems. You are pregnant and your body is now property of the state which I control.

…I’ll take away your Social Security. Too bad that it is really just your deferred income coming back to you.

…I’ll take away Medicare which along with Social Security gives most American Seniors dignity in their later years.

…I’ll tank the world economy if it makes Biden look bad. My wealthy donors – who already have plenty – will have protected themselves ahead of time.

…I’ll severely cut access to Medicaid which will endanger your and your family’s health. Remember we all breath the same air regardless of how or if we get access to health care. Oh, but remember I’m very pro-life; I said so didn’t I?

…I’ll cut off funds for the Justice Department to continue investigating 1/6. Gotta be loyal to Trump…American democracy and the Constitution, well that’s secondary.

…I’ll pass a federal version of Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill. Who wants to face an uncomfortable reality?

…I’ll lock physicians up for performing life saving procedures on women because they resemble abortions. We have too many health care professionals already.

…I’ll stop Medicare from negotiating with drug companies and lowering your costs. Big Pharma donates a lot more to me than you do.

…I’ll cancel previously approved infrastructure projects. How many people actually die when a bridge collapses?

…I’ll end mail-in voting. Why would we want the infirmed and deployed military to vote?

…I’ll make pregnancy even more adventurous. The pregnant person will literally be gambling with their life.

…I’ll repeal Obamacare. If you have a pre-existing condition, you can go back to paying the market rate as set by insurers who don’t want to insure you in the first place.

…I’ll repeal the minimum corporate tax rate (15%). We don’t want to “disadvantage” multi-billion-dollar corporations. We’ll just tax the working and middle classes more to make up the difference.

Thursday was a good day for me because voting always makes me feel good. Also, UK Prime Minister Liz Truss announced she was resigning after only 44 days on the job. Vote like it is America’s last free and fair election; if Republicans gain majorities, it will be and we won’t get rid of them in just 44 days.

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