Verbiage And Numbers

I love numbers especially when it comes to making a political point. I am among the few who will publically admit that the electorate is easily manipulated. However, you have to keep it simple. Why do you think bumper stickers are so effective? I’m going to put those two things together in the following paragraphs.


New inflation numbers just came out about an hour before I sat down to pen this. The American number is now 9.1%. That is not good – and certainly is not good news for the Democrats – but let’s put in in perspective before we lay blame at current leadership.
Just prior to the announcement the latest inflation numbers for the U.S. were 8.6%, the UK 9.1% and Germany 7.9%. All large and modern economies so they are comparable. Nobody is going to call Boris Johnson a liberal and for years Germany has been ruled by a center-right political party. Even at the new 9.1% number the United States is still right in line.

If I wanted to take the space I could get into the major causes of the inflation but for now all I’m saying is that the number prove Joe Biden and the Democrats are not among them.

A Spike?

The sample size is too small to be statistically significant as of yet but I think I see a new summer spike in COVID infections. For some time we were cruising along at basically between 100,000 and 110,000 new reported infections per day. July 11th the number was 117,035 and July 12th came in at 128,958. Here is the thing that really causes me alarm, for a variety of reasons viruses aren’t generally as infectious in the summer. I fear we are experiencing a summer spike much like last year. Like a good team playing a bad team; the longer you let the bad team stick with you the better their chances of upsetting you. Wear a mask and get fully vaccinated! Neither is foolproof but they are still your best defenses.

Thanks Kathleen?

I heard a new phrase for the first time the other day from Kathleen Sebelius. I doubt she originated it but for the moment I’ll give her credit. It was “Forced births” and it denoted what the radical right is imposing on women with their abortion bans without exception. “No forced births!”. There is a bumper sticker for you.

A Snarky One For One Race

Two Republican candidates for the Senate are not recent long time residents of the states they are running in. One of them is Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. He has made his home in New Jersey for years. I’d like to see a grassroots campaign against electing a senator from Pennsyljersey. That’s not a typo; it’s a clever wordplay. Pennsylvania Democrats you are free to use it.

OK, I hope I gave you something to use on the persuadables (true independents and real Republicans who love America), along with a chuckle.

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