Veep Insulation Again?

It is almost inevitable that we compare administrations including the incoming Trump administration. Trump only has 44 predecessors. To be fair, most of us don’t really know a lot about previous administrations prior to FDR’s except for a few of the real biggies like Washington and Lincoln. That being said, I want to look at a way the Trump administration is shaping up to look a lot like the George W. Bush administration and it’s not complimentary to either or good for America. Let’s explore.

George W. Bush may well have been the least intelligent man ever to occupy the Oval Office. Much of the nation may well disagree with me but I think Donald Trump will give W a run for his money in that department. Both are members of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club but while Trump is definitely greedy I really don’t think Bush is. Bush realized that he had enough wealth to be extremely comfortable and was satisfied if not grateful for that. The similarity I want to focus on is their Vice Presidents.

Dick Cheney basically chose himself to be Bush’s Vice President; most likely because he saw the opportunity to enrich himself in the position and that he certainly did. While I said I don’t think Bush was greedy I will not say the same of Cheney. Just how Mike Pence was chosen to be Trump’s running mate is something we really don’t know. The two Vice Presidents gave their bosses the same thing: impeachment insulation.

While Bush was to a great degree a rudderless buffoon, Trump is simply ignorant of the job and really doesn’t care much about policy. Bush was harmful to America and Trump certainly appears that he will be. Bush committed impeachable offenses during his time in office and I have every expectation that Trump also will. For those of us who think about the repercussions of our actions (not doing so was one of Bush’s biggest weaknesses) the impeachment of either was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I never wanted to see a President Cheney and a President Pence sounds much worse to me than a President Trump.

With Trump we basically get a greedy, ignorant, but bribable President who will do some good things by accident because he has found a way to personally profit off of them. Pence is an ideologue that will take America down the wrong path and pride himself on it. Fiscally he is a disciple of supply side economics where all problems are solved by starving the poor in order to lower taxes on the rich. Socially Pence is a man firmly planted in the 1800’s…early 1800’s. His patented line of self-description is, “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican in that order”. Notice the omission of any reference to America or the Constitution.

Someone who would tank our economy and doesn’t believe in all Americans being equal at their core is not someone I would advocate helping get the seat behind the big desk in the Oval Office. I’m certain I’ll be criticizing Donald Trump a lot over the next several years but I’ll think long and hard before I call for his impeachment. Whether by fortune or prowess, he has sufficiently insulated himself from that fate.

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