Under The ’23 Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas and it’s time for tellthetruthonthem.com to pass out some mythical gifts to deserving progressives and one special one at the end. This year’s list may be a bit shorter than some of its predecessors but I’m sure that will be appreciated by most readers who have more interesting things to do today.

Daniel Goldman – The Rookie of the Year award in the House. New York’s (like California’s) Democratic bench is deep and there are only a limited number of positions but keep an eye on Goldman. He has skills and money; a potent combination in politics.

Hakeem Jeffries – A majority win in the 2024 elections leading to his speakership. His leadership ability becomes more apparent with each passing week.

Joe Biden – The reelection he deserves. He may not be flashy but he “gets hits with men in scoring position.”

Stephanie Ruhle – A better time slot. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to or can’t stay up that late. Her combination of common sense, economic, business and political insight is well worth paying attention to.

Jamie Raskin – Personal peace and good health in the coming year. The last few have been especially tough on him and his.

Chuck Schumer – Against the odds, retention of his majority in the next Congress.

The American People – A functional democracy when the elections are over.

OK, that’s it for today.

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  1. Here’s my vote for Nicole Wallace. Happy for her and the new baby, but I’ll be glad when she returns. Her show is my favourite. Happy Holidays to all!

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