Under The 2022 Xmas Tree

It’s Christmas Day and at tellthetruthonthem.com there is a tradition of leaving gifts under the mythical tree for several progressives. Let’s see what 2022 has in store and who the recipients are.

Abigail Spanberger – Recognition on a national scale. The gentlewoman from Virginia merits it.

Katie Porter – The outcome of her race is still unknown at this writing but regardless America needs her brains in a position where they can make a difference whether that is in the House or elsewhere.

Val Demings – The Democrats need to reward her with a position in recognition of her great work in the House and “taking one for the team” in a valiant, albeit financially under supported, attempt to oust Marco Rubio in the 2022 elections. Perhaps something that combines her unique expertise in both law enforcement and community relations. There is a huge need for someone who can bridge that gap in America.

Zoe Lofgren – She has a wealth of both wisdom and experience. Lofgren is nearing the end of her career. How about a stint as the first female White House Chief of Staff to cap it off?

Carolyn Malone – Caught in a gerrymandering shuffle is not the way for her to bow out. She is simply to valuable too America. How about a non-profit or administration post that utilizes her vast talents?

Jose Diaz-Balart – Jose is making supposed Latino issues mainstream. After all they are American issues! We wish him more viewers and an even louder “megaphone”.

Ketanji Brown Jackson – Let’s give her the 2022 progressive Rookie of the Year Award! She went from being largely unknown, to a household name, to a Supreme Court justice in 2022 and she is far from a silent one. She joins the Court in the minority. That doesn’t phase her, she has spent her entire life in the minority but that hasn’t stifled her brilliance. She will verbally castrate more than one right winger before her time on the bench is concluded. The new RBG?

Kamala Harris – What she needs is an opportunity to shine especially if President Biden opts not to run in 2024.

Nancy Pelosi – Status as the first senior stateswoman. She has earned it, whether the country will recognize it is my question.

That was short but it is Christmas and I’m sure you have things to do other than reading my column. Happy Holiday(s) regardless of which you choose to celebrate or not celebrate. The First Amendment guarantees you that freedom.

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