Under The 2020 Xmas Tree

Tomorrow is Christmas Day; a traditional time for gift giving. Tellthetruthonthem.com would like to give mythical gifts to a dozen progressives (and in a few cases progressive leaning moderates).  Come along and see who and what they are.  

Jon Ossoff and Rev. Ralph Warnock:  Victories in your Senate races on January 5th.  OK, those are selfish gifts coming from a progressive.

Chuck Schumer: The Senate Majority Leadership.  OK, you got me, same “disclaimer” as above.

Steve Reed: His is probably the most obscure name in this list.  He is the Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama and made some tough decisions and deft political moves early in the pandemic to protect his people.  He has to be under consideration for a run at a statewide elected office.  It’s extremely difficult for a Democrat to win statewide in Alabama and even more so for one of color.  But like Bob Dylan sang in 1964, The Times They Are A-Changin’.

“Tish” James:  Success in prosecuting Donald Trump and his accomplices that will catapult you to the New York State governorship or a U.S. Senate seat in the future.

Katie Porter: A break that will catapult you out of the seniority intensive House of Representatives and into a position in the federal government where you will have an even larger positive impact for the people.  California has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to elected Democratic officials and you are caught in another logjam there.

Sean Patrick Maloney: A great recruiting year.  With history not performance as my guide 2022 will be a difficult year in which to hold the House for the Democrats.  Your new job as Chair of the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) will not be easy.  Candidates matter and it’s a lot easier to win if you “sign” your “first round draft choices”.

Hakeem Jeffries: Patience.  The Speaker slot has to open and you are still the heir apparent which is a challenging job and to date you have handled it brilliantly.

Nancy Pelosi: What a career!  However, the time to retire is close at hand.  Your seat will stay in Democratic hands and some of the people “below” you need their “time at bat”.  With you and Hillary retired the GOP will have to come up with a new devil in a pants suit.

Elissa Slotkin and Abigail Spanberger: While you didn’t get the publicity of “The Squad” you proved yourselves to be two of the most capable members of the class of 2018 (or is it 2019)?  We wish you opportunity commensurate with your significant and ample abilities.

Joe Biden: Most of all wisdom and patience.  To borrow a yogism to a degree it will be “Deja vu all over again”.  When you became vice president you were left to clean up George W. Bush’s mess.  Donald Trump’s will be even more challenging.  Even if Ossoff and Warnock both win in Georgia on January 5th it will still be far from a cakewalk.  You have the experience just couple it with wisdom (which you have) and patience (which requires a bit of self-restraint).

If that dozen get the gifts we wished them America and the world will win.

Christian or not (that is irrelevant in this case) have a Merry Christmas!

This article was written well ahead of publishing in order to accommodate my year end hiatus and is the property of tellthetruthonthem.com. Its content may not be used without citing the source.  It may not be reproduced without the permission of Larry Marciniak.