Under The 2020 Christmas Tree

Today is Christmas Day which has evolved into pretty much a secular holiday in America but is still the traditional time to give gifts. At tellthetruthonthem.com there is a mythical tree under which there are some gifts for progressives. Let’s take a peek.  

Julie K. Brown – A Pulitzer Prize for your great and tenacious work at the Miami Herald.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a/k/a AOC) – To be taken seriously by all Americans. While your ideas are just that and not the finished product plans we ignore them at our peril. I may not agree with exactly everything you say but I have enough sense to listen.

Chris Hayes – Recognition as one of the great TV commentators. He’s not a bad author either.

Hakeem Jeffries – A “graduate level” course in preparation for becoming the Speaker of the House taught by the greatest Speaker in American History, Nancy Pelosi.

Joshua Johnson – Success on television. You filled big shoes on radio and became a star in your own right. (Joshua maintains he has both liberal and conservative beliefs.)

Malcolm Nance – To become the household name he deserves to be. His writing has become required reading for me.

Tom Perez – Sweeping victories in 2020 including taking back the White House and the Senate.

Eugene Robinson – Recognition as one of America’s greatest political observers and commentators of all time.

Greta Turnberg – What do you give a sixteen year old who was just named Time magazine’s Person of the Year? I think what she would want is for world leaders to begin making significant progress toward allowing her to enjoy an inhabitable planet as a senior citizen.

The American Electorate (progressive or not) – Wisdom and a BS detector. The world is depending on you.

A short article today; you have other things to attend to today.

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