Two Weeks, Two Conventions, Two Different Worlds

Well the conventions are over and we are one step closer to electing the next President of the United States. The conventions of today are certainly a far cry from the conventions of my youth but these two provided a stark (and in one case very dark) contrast. Let’s explore.

It will be no surprise to my regular readers that I found the Democratic convention much more to my liking. The problem from the Republican standpoint is that the majority of persuadable voters probably agree with me.

Both conventions had at times vocal differences expressed in the hall. The Republicans chose to suppress the opposition in a heavy-handed, non-transparent style reminiscent of fascist regimes of the past. The Democrats let their far left express their opinions and simply overwhelmed them in a small “d” democratic manner.

While at both conventions a portion of the rank and file expressed misgivings to the end the story on the stage it was very different. Democratic runner-up Bernie Sanders did all he could to unite the convention without ever selling out his principles. He told his people that currently Hillary Clinton was the only horse they had to ride if they wanted any chance of their goals to be achieved during the next administration. The GOP runner-up Ted Cruz took to the podium and not only refused to endorse Donald Trump but told people to vote their conscience – that is political talk for releasing your supporters to do whatever they want which includes sitting home, voting third Party or even for Hillary Clinton. Sanders is working for a cause; Cruz is working for himself in 2020 and trying to undermine Trump.

The Democrats offered a vision of a great country with resolvable problems and provided a plan for how to make it even greater. The Republicans painted a picture of what to me was an unrecognizable country and world that belonged in a horror movie. The Democrats told us we are good and can get even better. The Republicans told us we suck and need a savior to help us because we are incapable of improvement without one. Which message would inspire you?

Hillary Clinton called on all Americans to work together for a more perfect union. Donald Trump said, “I alone can fix it.” Really, Donald?

The Republicans did win in one area: they had better musical interludes – it could have just been the acoustics in the respective arenas. Staying on the superfluous side; the Democrats had many more and better balloons.

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One thought on “Two Weeks, Two Conventions, Two Different Worlds”

  1. Oh my, Larry! My opinion is that the musicians who played at the Democratic convention were profoundly better the those who played for the Republicans. We got lame versions of RnR standards in Cleveland. But we got some really well played tunes in Philadelphia with jazz and fusion flavors.
    Otherwise, I agree with your post today.

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