Two Of Understanding And One Of Wisdom

I read a lot. Some people, (including my wife, and she may well be correct), say too much. In any event in the course of all that reading I run across pearls of wisdom. Recently I ran across three that I want to expound on today.

The genesis of the first two are from 1952 and E. B. White. Even though they are over 70 years old they explain a lot of where we are today and why.

“People believe almost anything they see in print.” Remember this is circa ’52 when newspapers and magazines still ruled. Today the problem is that too many are in information silos. The largest cable news network in America is little better than a disinformation machine. Social media, of dubious credibility to start with, works on algorithms that tend to feed you more of the same. Home schooling simply reinforces prejudices rather than present conflicting points of view and in the process nurture critical thinking skills.

“…and I don’t like what I can’t understand.” No person is born a racist but many a family develops another generation of racists during child rearing. Have you ever wondered why immigration and the caravans of invaders (which only exist in right wing mythology) are such big issues with voters in lily white small towns? Many people hold a deep hatred of people of color or other than straight sexual preference in these same places. The reality is that they never or almost never deal with “the others”, yet they fear that they will invade and corrupt their little (in their minds) paradises.

They will simply never admit the limitations of their experiences and education; which should continue well after you leave the classroom! That’s why they call it commencement.

While politically I’m a proponent of reaching out, I fully realize that you will not achieve anything resembling a 100% enlightenment/conversion rate. Many people – and thankfully an albeit large but nonetheless minority – simply would rather live in the comforts of their prejudices than examine them. There is a solution to the threat these people who are the unwitting temporarily useful idiots of evil candidates pose.

This brings me to the third quote. This one from Alice Walker. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” How often do you hear people say they didn’t vote because their votes didn’t matter anyway? That is what the anti-democratic forces of evil count on. Assuming a largely fair election in 2024 – and we have many reasons to assume that – at the ballot box every voter is equal. The worst thing you can do for America, the world, your family, your community and yourself is to sit this one out. That is giving up the one power you really have and one many people died for since the founding of this country.

Your power is your vote. Exercise it!!!!!!

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