Two Issues To Run On

Much has been made, both here and elsewhere, about the frustration of getting the good economic news to resonate with large portions of the electorate. That is true and I’m certain you will hear more about it, again, here and elsewhere, between now and Election Day but I feel if Biden is to win the dialog has to center on two other issues: Choice and Democracy. You might say two freedom issues.

Since the Dobbs decision the Democrats have become the preferred party of American women, including white women (at least when it comes to positions). They may or may not be in favor of abortion and certainly they have diverse parameters around it, but they certainly don’t want to be told what they can do with their bodies by a bunch of old, balding, fat, white men. (And yes, to a great degree I resemble that description.)

Trump likes to take credit for Dobbs which is believable since he appointed the justices that made it possible. I’d say that makes him to blame for it and Democrats have to communicate that fact repeatedly, loud and often. Trump portrays Dobbs as one of his achievements. To me an achievement has to be a positive. Putting it in baseball terms, winning 100 games in a single season is an achievement; losing 100 is not.

Post-Dobbs choice issues have beaten anti-choice issues every time they, or candidates running on them, have been on the ballot regardless of whether they were in a red, blue or purple state. In fact, none of these have been particularly close contests especially when you consider how polarized contemporary America is.

The other issue is democracy. Donald Trump (who I have to assume will be the 2024 GOP standard bearer) has made it clear that should he be returned to the Oval Office he intends to function as a dictator. To be fair he says it will only be on Day One. First off, we would have to trust him on that. I for one am not willing to! Then we have to consider the reality of if we allow him to be dictator for a day why would he needs any subsequent day(s)? The answer is he wouldn’t.

While I don’t see anyone beating Trump for the 2024 GOP nod, the reality is that the party is preparing for the demise of American democracy regardless of who their figurehead is. Their premier think tank has composed a 2025 Project where they have some sort of radical right wing autocracy replace American democracy.
It took over four years to build the North Tower yet it was destroyed in under two hours on 9/11. With a few executive orders and well placed lieutenants, (there are thousands of Day One appointments and nominations), the demise of America as we know it wouldn’t take more than a day.

There are few things Americans hold dearer than their freedom. A women’s right to choose is one form of freedom and a functioning democracy is another.

Some of the guard rails that held the first Trump administration somewhat in check probably will either not exist or will not hold in a second. His Cabinet and key posts will be staffed exclusively by loyalists. Loyal to him, not America. As flawed as he was Mike Pence finally did the correct thing on 1/6. Trump views that as one of his mistakes and he won’t let that happen again. During his first term he staffed the federal courts with many of his people. Can we really trust them to do the right thing when push comes to shove. Trump has already stated that he will go after legitimate journalists. If they are gone who will shine a light on his and his people’s misdeeds?

Full citizen or chattel and democracy or dictatorship. When you frame it that way the choice – and it is a binary one regardless of what else happens -is clear and communicable. If you are not really happy with Joe Biden then hold your nose as you vote for him, the alternative is un-American!

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  1. Every Democrat, including especially Joe Biden, must pound on these themes loudly and ceaselessly. Mr. Biden is livid about his poll numbers? Get on the TV, Joe…often! It’s your bully pulpit, use it!

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