Two Buckeyes

Last week Ohio Republican Representative Anthony Gonzalez announced that he would not seek reelection to his House seat. In itself that is not a huge story. Taken in its large context it is!

As an example of a much larger problem I want to compare two Ohio Republican Representative both of whom happen to be alums of the Ohio State University. Ohio State is a member of the Big Ten which I consider to be the best conference in the country when you combine academics and athletics. The other member is Jim Jordan and both happened to be student athletes at Ohio State.

Gonzalez played football at Ohio State then went on to play in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. When an injury ended his football career he went to Stanford and obtained an MBA. Stanford is no joke so it is fair to conclude Gonzalez is not a dumb jock.

After graduation Jordan stuck around Columbus among other things as an assistant coach in the wrestling program. During that time his athletes were molested by a staff physician. Jordan claims no knowledge of the situation. His former players differ with that accounting. Either he was aware and turned a convenient (for him) blind eye or he was incredibly unaware of what was happening with his charges.

In the wake of 1/6 Gonzalez was one of 10 Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Donald Trump. Needless to say, Jordan was not among that ten and in fact appears to be implicated in the events. He is also one of Trump’s loudest defenders.

Trump had already endorsed a GOP challenger to Gonzalez, Max Miller, a former aide. Trump called Miller a, “Great guy”. Miller has a record of traffic violations, (I’m not talking stop signs), and a credible accusation of assaulting a female. Sounds like a typical Trump guy to me.

Trump issues a statement in response to Gonzalez’s announcement that read in it’s entirety, “1 down, 9 to go.”

It appears Jordan will be summoned to testify before the committee investigating 1/6. I expect him to be a no show. Then I expect a subpoena which I anticipate he will fight in court. Delay and deny with no regard for the nation or the truth; that is the Trump way.

Gonzalez – and I’m certainly neither defending him or mourning his loss – is out because in Trump’s GOP – and have no doubt that Trump still controls the party – even occasional truth is too much truth. Victory over country and no thinkers need apply is the mantra of this current version of a once grand political party.

The American voters removed Trump from the White House in 2020. (It was a closer call than most of us realize when you consider how close 1/6 was to success.) However, the fascist movement that Trump tapped into is far from dead and is the greatest threat to America today. In fact, I’m not certain that even Trump can completely control it. This tale of two Buckeyes illustrates that.

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