Tuesday Tidbits

It’s another one of those days where I want to do a series of quick hits on a variety of topics. Here we go.

No Shortage Of Stupidity On The Right!

If 2021 has shown us anything it is that the right has a near monopoly on stupid behavior. There is a plethora of wannabe gangsters in the Trump base. The real mobsters have to be laughing at how bad they are at it including their leader, a/k/a Individual 1.

Many of the domestic terrorists involved in the insurrection at the Capital on January 6th have been apprehended in large part based on the selfies they took and then compounded their stupidity by posting them on social media.

Lucky Sperm Cell Club member Matt Gaetz is involved in a scandal that appears to include patronizing very young prostitutes. Some payments were made using cash transferring services that leave a trail and included the names of the payees. Others were made in cash with ATM withdrawals made in close proximity to the exchanges both in time and geography.

For his part Trump has often asked the people to listen to him and disregard the contradictory video evidence.

Maybe They Are Finally Listening

A while back I suggested that if major corporations really wanted to get the attention of the legislators who were passing voter suppression legislation, they simply pull the plug on their donations to them. Public statements are nice but alone they border on useless. It was reported that last weekend over 100 CEOs participated in talks to do exactly that. Money is the fuel modern American politics runs on and if the major donors refuse to write checks the “bad boys (and a very few girls)” will listen.

Perhaps A Rare Mitch McConnell Political Mistake?

Sticking with the money in politics theme for another segment I’d like to explore what may have been a rare political misstep by Mitch McConnell. I think Mitch McConnell is evil but he is also close to, if not, a political genius. A few days ago he may have let his emotions get the better part of him. In reaction to the corporate statements criticizing Republican voter suppression, he basically told the CEOs to keep their noses out of politics. He hastily added that he still wanted their donations; he just wanted them to otherwise shut up.

In politics if you ask for a donation – particularly a large one – you have to listen to what the donor has to say. You may or may not agree with them or follow through; but you better listen. Mitch, you bit the hand that feeds. You better hope they give a bad “dog” a pass on this one. Ala Lyndon Johnson, McConnell controls his caucus by controlling the campaign purse strings. No money will equal no power for Mitch.

Guns Of The Volunteer State

America has a major gun problem that needs regulations. Despite right wing mythology to the contrary current laws are inadequate. The Second Amendment has two major problems: it obsolete and eight of the twenty-seven words are conveniently (for them) ignored – four by each side of the discussion. Instead of trying to solve the problem some Republican controlled states are exacerbating it.
Effective July 1 Tennessee has taken “open carry” to a new level of insanity. Not only can you carry a gun sans permit; as of that date you can carry it concealed in Tennessee. With no permit or training required almost any adult can carry a gun in Tennessee.

Joe Tries

Staying with guns for a moment, on Thursday President Biden announced a few executive orders limiting gun possession. This is like trying to put out a large fire with a single bucket of water. It will prove to be inadequate but at least unlike his predecessor he is doing something, albeit limited, positive. Trump simply lied and tried to look concerned.

Before that day ended America has two more mass shootings. It has gotten to the point that most mass shootings can’t make the prime-time news shows even on the more liberal networks.

Wrong Again Brian

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp told another of his many lies last week in an attempt to criticize Major League Baseball’s moving of the All Star game from Atlanta to Denver. He said it didn’t make any sense to him because Georgia’s new voting laws were actually more open than Colorado’s.

One of his main points is that Colorado has a voter ID law and Georgia does not. For the record Colorado does not have a voter ID law. Also over 90% of Colorado’s votes are cast via the ballots that the state mails out to every registered voter in the state well prior to the election. Those ballots are returned mainly via mail, drop box or in person at a polling place. The bottom line is that it is much easier to vote in Colorado than it is in Georgia and has been for years. Maybe that is why Colorado has the third highest voter turnout rate in America.

Brain if it didn’t make sense to you that just illustrates that you are the problem due to lack of mental ability and critical thinking skills. Or perhaps you were just lying again; or should I say still?

As usual I left a lot on the cutting room floor; this may be a two “cleanup article” week.

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