Truth: The Enemy Of The Trumpublicans

This article is being written on Saturday morning. Although somewhat doubtful because it is the weekend, I cannot rule out developments between now and publishing.

Most often the subject of Sunday’s article is the biggest political story of the week just ended. While there was plenty of competition, I cannot see what is more important than the defense of America. At its core, that is really what the 1/6 probe is all about.

The congressional Republicans have been playing a delay game when it comes to (among many things) the probe into the events of 1/6. I have a two-part theory on why; well in all honesty part one and part two are pretty similar. Part One: Donald Trump doesn’t want a probe. Part Two: There is Republican complicity in the insurrection and they don’t want their actions – many of which were illegal – exposed.

Before I go any further, I have to say that the fact that six months have elapsed since the insurrection and we still don’t have a probe in place is a scandal in itself! The primary reason we find ourselves in this position is because the Republicans have been fighting a probe at every opportunity. There was an effort to assemble a non-partisan independent commission that was negotiated with the Democrats giving the Republicans every condition they wanted. In the final analysis, like Lucy taking the football away from Charlie Brown – or in a recent political sense the Republican “negotiation” over Obamacare – the Republican ended up voting against the Commission anyway. (I predict they will rue that act. The Commission was the most non-partisan entity they were going to get, especially under all the rules they dictated, and this was way too big to just fade away or get lost in the shuffle of the plethora of other Trump era scandals.)

About a month ago Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a Select House Committee on 1/6. The House ended up passing an authorizing resolution calling for a 13 member committee. Pelosi would name 8 members including the Chair and Kevin McCarthy would get to nominate the other 5 with Pelosi having the right to reject any of his choices.

Soon thereafter Pelosi named Bennie Thompson of Mississippi to chair the Committee. She filled out her eight with Democrats Pete Aguilera, Adam Schiff and Zoe Lofgren of California, Elaine Luria of Virginia, Stephanie Murphy of Florida and Jamie Raskin of Maryland along with Republican Liz Cheney of Wyoming. With that masterful political move Pelosi insured the committee has a quorum, subpoena power and was bi-partisan.

Some time transpired during which McCarthy did nothing. In fact, for part of it he tried to pretend he didn’t know of the committee’s existence. Then he visited Trump. He claimed they never discussed the Committee. Interestingly shortly after his return to Washington he named five white men; Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, Jim Banks of Indiana, Rodney Davis of Illinois, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Troy Nehls of Texas. For the record all five voted against impeaching Trump and Banks, Jordan and Nehls voted to overturn the 2020 election.

Pelosi wisely rejected seating Jordan and Banks. Jordan is a bomb thrower who has consistently defended Trump with total disregard of reality. It’s my column so I will throw in my personal feelings about Jordan. Like Jordan I was an assistant coach at the college level and have no respect for someone, especially in that capacity, who effectively enabled the molestation of his players! As far as I’m concerned Jordan doesn’t even deserve to be treated as a human; to me he is a lower life form!

As soon as Banks received word that McCarthy had nominated him to be the ranking member of the Committee he issued a statement containing the following quotes: “Make no mistake, Nancy Pelosi created this committee solely to malign conservativism and to justify the left’s authoritarian agenda.” “I will not allow this committee to be turned into a forum for condemning millions of Americans because of their political beliefs.” I could spend an entire article debunking and/or refuting most of Banks’ claims but I think it is sufficient to say he was more concerned with covering up than discovering the facts.

McCarthy, presumably on orders from Trump, pulled all five in reaction to Pelosi’s rejection of Jordan and Banks. Typical of a spoiled brat/Lucky Sperm Cell Club member; if I can’t have my way I won’t play. That resembles if I can’t be president I don’t care if I destroy the country in the process.

With Jordan and Banks on it the Committee would have quickly degenerated into a circus. (Somehow the image of Jordan as an evil clown is fitting.) The Committee is scheduled to hold its first session on Tuesday. I don’t know if there will be any additions or augmentations to it but even as it currently stands Pelosi won (as usual), outsmarted Trump and McCarthy (as always) and we have a chance of getting at least part, if not all, of the truth (what America needs).

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  1. Pelosi has more intelligence and spine than all the Republicans put together. I hope the Committee calls Jordan, and McCarthy, and even (especially) Trump as witnesses.

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