Truth And Today’s GOP

I’m back. I have at least one story from my time away but that will wait for another day. Today I want to talk about a trend in contemporary American politics which was exacerbated during the time I was away. In a word it is truth or more specifically the lack thereof.

We have been living in the aftermath of the Big Lie since the 2020 election. Here is the simple and repeatedly proven truth – Trump lost and voter fraud (which has always existed and probably always will) did not come even remotely close to affecting the results. Interestingly much of the proven voter fraud was committed by Trump voters thereby fraudulently inflating his numbers. The lie persists to today and is in fact the basic platform of several 2022 Republican candidates some of whom will undoubtedly win. How is that for a Halloween scare albeit a few days late?

Friday 82-year-old Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked in his San Francisco home. Almost immediately the right wing came out with a lie campaign. In short order Donald Trump joined the parade. They denied the break-in claiming that the glass was broken from the inside. They claimed that Mr. Pelosi knew his assailant going as far as to claim they were homosexual lovers. (Convenient since they blame Democrats and homosexuals for a whole host of America’s ills.) However, if you rely on truth and facts their argument falls apart almost immediately.

The attack was caught on film and clearly shows a break in. The suspect (I have to call him that for legal reasons) claims no personal relationship with either the Speaker or her husband, admits he was on a, “Suicide mission” and clearly has fallen down the MAGA rabbit hole.

I remember fairly soon after the 2010 election having a conversation with a friend who had lost to a Tea Party (that’s what the MAGA people called themselves in 2010) candidate whose campaign stretched the truth to say the least. I brought up truth and he replied, “Does the truth even matter in American politics anymore?”.

Baring runoffs and recounts, we will find that out next week. Only you can make it count! VOTE!!!!!! Remember at best only about 30% of the American electorate has fallen down the MAGA rabbit hole. That is a sizeable minority but still a minority.


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