Trump’s Vulnerability

We can’t seem to get rid of Donald Trump; to this point anyway. I don’t know quite when or exactly how but I’m smelling the end. His vulnerability is apparent and those chickens must come home to roost.

During his presidency Donald Trump established the fact that he is not very bright to all but the willfully ignorant. He is also lazy. That combination will be his undoing. He personally did almost nothing and delegated almost everything. He ran the presidency, like he ran his daddy’s business which he inherited; modeled after an organized criminal enterprise. He did almost nothing other than issue orders which his underlings carried out kicking some money upstairs in the process.

As Michael Cohen told Congress, Trump did it using his own code language which his minions understood. I didn’t give him the nickname of Don Trump without cause. He will be difficult to pin down because he put almost nothing in writing, did not use email and spoke in “code”.

He did make the mistake of surrounding himself with too many less than the best and brightest. Cohen is one example but there are many, many more. With what information is public as of this writing Cohen has turned on him, but Cohen alone is not exactly a sterling witness unless he is corroborated with documents (which will be few and far between) and/or other witnesses. I contend they are coming.

I can’t remember who it was (or I would be happy to cite them) but early in the Trump administration I remember someone on a news show predicting that when it fell apart for Trump it would happen quickly with nearly everyone turning on him almost simultaneously. I still think that is how it will play out with all the rats leaving the sinking ship en mass. Trump has a political hold over many elected Republicans because he has a large following that votes in Republican primaries. If Trump endorsed candidates have a bad 2022 primary season and/or they mostly lose in the general election that will largely disappear. At some point the masses will have to come to the realization that Trump is just scamming them. Will it be 2022? We’ll see.

Another group of his minions are simply along for the scam/skimming ride. It simply amazes me that Trump “causes” continue to rake in so much money. That has to stop at some point and when it does a lot of people will no longer have use for Trump.
When his minions leave him the authorities in many cases will be hot on their trails and their only self-preservation gambit will be to turn state’s evidence and Trump is the biggest fish. On the investigative front I still contend the person to watch the most is New York Attorney General Letitia “Tish” James. She has her sites on higher office and Trump’s “pelt” would certainly make her daily front page news.

Trump is a promise you anything and then try to weasel out of it guy. The 1/6 Committee just issued 11 new subpoenas, all to lesser known players. Legal counsel isn’t cheap. How long do you think Trump, or a Trump “charitable entity” will foot the bills? As long as Democrats stay in control of the House that committee is the real deal and will have teeth. Who knows what exactly the FBI is doing? The bottom line is that a lot of peripheral players who did the real work and know of Trump’s involvement are starting to get squeezed. How long before the “dam breaks” and people start scrambling to get a deal while they are still available?

We may well get rid of Trump but the much larger problem of the beast he unleashed will still remain for at least the immediate future. Many on the right are somewhat silently jockeying for the top spot in anticipation of Trump’s demise.

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