Trump’s Onion

This will be another catch up day. All I will (incompletely) cover are Trump’s recent “I can’t believe this” adventures. The inspiration for today’s article is the satirical publication The Onion. Let’s explore.

The Onion is a publication that at first glance appears to be real news but is a total fake. (Somewhat like One America News but in this case humorous.) Arguably their most famous spoof was the 2012 story entitled, Kim Jong-Un Named The Onion’s Sexiest Man Alive For 2012. Kim bought it hook, line and sinker.

The difference between The Onion’s stories and the following Trump episodes is that the Trump episodes are real and The Onion’s stories are fakes.

Another Fox Guarding The Henhouse

NOAA is an umbrella federal agency that among other things studies climate and weather. Trump has just put climate change denier David Legates in charge of the agency. That’s similar to naming Betsy DeVos Secretary of Education. Fortunately most of DeVos’ transgression can be undone in the future.

The Rules Don’t Apply To Trump

Sunday night Trump held an indoor rally in Henderson, Nevada in defiance of the Governor’s edicts and with total disregard for public safety. To be perfectly honest I would not be upset if like other Trump rallies this caused a spike in coronavirus infections among the attendees. My concern is that the rest of us, who are innocent and smart enough to avoid mass gathering during a pandemic fall prey to the out of control situation Trump’s carelessness has exacerbated.

Cheap Lives

Smithfield Foods and JBS meat packing were fined a total of $29,000 for their safety violations in conjunction with the coronavirus. The industry experienced over 42,000 infections and 200 virus related deaths since March. Those two firms alone had revenue of $64.7 billion as of the last reporting. $29,000 is .004482% of their revenue. That’s like a person making $50,000 a year getting a fine of $2.24.

In management school you are trained two make financial decisions on the margin. At less than $145 a life why would you institute costly safety regulations and procedures? Remember these people, like Trump, are amoral.

Trump’s Anonymous Paramilitary

Last week it was reported that in an effort to get Trump’s semi-secret police force in place for the Battle of Lafayette Park ICE flew some detainees to the DC area on a charter plane accompanied by the forces, thereby “justifying” their use of the charter flight. Aside from the assault on American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to facilitate a Trump photo-op, the transfer resulted in over 300 coronavirus infections and at least one fatality. Oh, and you – the taxpayer – got to pay for the whole thing.

Looking forward to the aftermath of the election and Inauguration Day, it appears certain paramilitary forces are loyal to Trump not America and that concerns me!

No Need To Rush

The Senate came back into session last week and failed to pass any economic relief. The House passed a bill that has been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk for weeks yet he continued to refuse to bring it to the floor for debate and a vote. Instead he put a so-called skinny bill in front of the chamber that contained more poison pills (like immunity from liability for coronavirus cases and deaths linked to industrial activities – what $145 a body is too expensive?) than a Russian assassin’s overnight bag and it still failed to pass by a wide margin.

Unemployment is at levels higher than we saw at the worst period of the George W. Bush’s Great Recession. (Great Depression, Great Recession, Trump Depression – why do people continue to think the Republicans are better on the economy?) We are facing a pandemic in which millions have lost employer provided health insurance. Aside from the gambling casino better known as Wall Street the economy is in the tank. Millions of Americans have or are about to lose shelter and food. Yet McConnell and his cronies continue to ask, what’s the rush?

Like an onion if you really get into it and you are a patriotic American, Trump’s America will make you cry.

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