Trump’s Next Move(s)

After Friday’s court decision one of the big questions is what does it mean for Donald Trump. I don’t have a clear answer to that question but I have some possibilities for my readers to consider. Read on, you’ll enjoy.

Not for the first time Trump got his rear end handed to him in court. No surprise there. If you have studied Trump’s record in court you know he is seldom the winner. Historically he is a delay guy often adding a meritless countersuit. That works well when your opponent is some mom-and-pop businessperson that you are trying to shortchange. Not so well when you come up against an opponent with the resources to stay the course.

If we haven’t already, we are nearing the point where the penalties and legal costs have either broken Trump financially or at the very least put him in a bad financial position. As has been established in court now, Trump is such a liar especially when it comes to his finances that it is impossible to determine just what his cash and asset positions are. Keep in mind in addition to all the current financial penalties assessed against him a huge IRS claim is looming and the trials that proved he lied about his finances certainly aren’t helping his cause in that matter.

Any way you slice it Trump is facing a cash crunch; and that may be a rosy analysis of his position. What are his options?

The first thought would be his revenue stream. The fact of the matter is that if we are looking at his businesses he isn’t exactly sitting pretty. His brand is no longer something that commands a premium, in fact it’s not in much demand. People are taking or attempting to take his name off of buildings because it has a negative perception with most people. Much of his real estate portfolio (which is heavily mortgaged) is in commercial real estate. The demand for such has drastically dropped since the pandemic. (You have to love the poetic justice here since Trump’s abysmal management contributed to the severity of the pandemic in America.)

He can sell real estate assets but many of them are heavily mortgaged which reduces the amount he will net. Also, the demand for many of them is depressed at this point and any buyer with half a brain will make a lowball offer knowing it is effectively a fire sale. We are still talking big dollars but the question is will there be enough of them.

Currently his best revenue stream is small donors. Many people literally give him money on a monthly basis. He has already turned his campaign into a personal slush fund and is working on turning the RNC into basically the same. Is that enough? Will people wake up? If so, when? Trump is living on charity (which I assume will diminish over time) and I doubt that will be sufficient to cover penalties and legal expenses.

More than one person has suggested that Trump will declare bankruptcy. I’m not an attorney so I don’t know all the implications and ramifications but in theory at least I have to consider that a possible outcome. In any event I’m certain Trump has hidden a ton of cash which is consistent with past behavior. While what’s left of his business image – which was always a lie anyway – would be gone, I don’t see him selling pencils on the street.

I hardly hear this possibility spoken of but I seriously consider it: A Saudi bailout. A billion or so would be chump change to the Saudi royal family if it wanted, or felt it had to, bail Trump out. That relationship has always been fishy to say the least! MBS may also be a blackmail target. The $2 billion to Boy Blunder Jared Kushner’s investment firm days after Trump left office always smelled to high heaven. Could Trump have his version of the Pee Pee Tapes on MBS with reference to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

Not independent of many of the above scenarios is Trump simply flying the coop. Passports aside Trump could easily flee America for a country without extradition and/or a friendly leader to protect him. He would live in exile but does he really care? He cares not about family. I think Ivanka, the only one he ever really cared about, is now on his naughty list. He has never cared about the Republican party. Leaving them high and dry wouldn’t even enter into his decision making process.

I doubt this will reach its targeted audience; not many MAGA people read my column. To those who still contribute to Trump: Why would you trust an adjudicated financial and insurance fraudster with your money?

Exactly where we go from here is an unknown but it certainly gives people like me plenty of material.

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  1. Maybe Jared could bail him out. But maybe Jared will stiff his father-in-law. Wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

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