Trump’s Crazy Train

I feel I need to include a timeline in my writing lately because events in American politics are moving at such a rapid pace. We talk of a 24 hour news cycle; of late it appears to be more like a 12 hour news cycle. This morning’s news is old news by dinner time. That happened to me again last night. Let’s explore.

I had dinner with my wife and granddaughter last night. Shortly before we left news broke that James Comey had memorialized a February meeting with Donald Trump during which the President asked him to drop the FBI’s investigation in Mike Flynn. I guess my article for Wednesday morning about Trump giving the Russians highly classified intelligence would be old news from the last cycle by its 1am EST publishing time.

A few hours ago (Wednesday morning) I watched a few minutes of MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show. They exited a segment to the sound of Ozzy Osbourne’s 1980 hit Crazy Train. I thought what a perfect way to sum up the current state of the Trump administration!

I’ll leave the legal wrangling to the lawyers but if Trump’s “request” of Comey doesn’t rise to meet the legal definition of obstruction of justice it certainly will be viewed as such by a large segment of the voting public. Juxtaposed with other events and judged by taking into account Trump’s and Comey’s credibility it doesn’t look good for Trump!

Can this administration go a week without a new scandal or another chapter of an existing one surfacing?

America (and much of the western world) has been going through a period of a pronounced partisan divide. Trump hasn’t brought us any closer together. “Millions of people living as foes” is a somewhat buried line in Crazy Train. Sounds a lot like today’s political America to me.

The refrain of the song is “I’m goin’ off the rails on a crazy train.” That implies a speeding train that is about to leave the track. Does that sound like the events and velocity of them surrounding the Trump White House to you? I does to me!

The song begins with the words “All aboard!” followed by demented laughter. Whether you like it or not we are all aboard this crazy train we call the Trump presidency. Will someone save America before it goes off the rails?

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