Trump Is Rigging The System

Donald Trump spent considerable time during the 2016 campaign complaining that the electoral system was rigged. At one point he said he would only accept the results if he won. In retrospect that appears to have been his Plan A which would have resulted in Trump TV. On an almost daily basis as Russiagate unfolds it becomes more apparent that to some degree he illegally manipulated it in his favor. Thus far into the 2020 cycle Trump is making the 2016 contest look as pure as freshly fallen snow. Let’s explore.

This last weekend Politico broke the news that four state Republican parties (Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina) were in the process of eliminating their 2020 presidential primaries or caucuses supposedly in an effort to save money. While Trump may not have a challenger that is polling very well, as of this writing William Weld and Joe Walsh have announced and Mark Sanford publically stated that he will announce this week. Trump, via his sycophants, is effectively rigging the Republican presidential nominating system in his favor. If Trump is afraid of the likes of a former governor who nobody other than a big political junkie remembers, a scandal plagued one term former Congressman and a disgraced former governor and Congressman how is he to be expected to go toe-to-toe with the bad guys of the world? I suggest we already have the answer if we look at his interactions with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung-un.

The chances of any of those three beating Trump in the 2020 GOP primary are only slightly better than those of the Detroit Tigers winning the 2019 World Series – the Tigers currently have the worst record in major league baseball and have long been eliminated from playoff contention. Yet, Trump is afraid to face them in a primary and/or debate. The bottom line is that Trump is a bully and like most bullies is a coward at heart.

Despite the false bravado façade he puts up Trump is, with good cause, scared about his 2020 prospects. He has openly invited foreign interference in the 2020 election. I am of the school of thought that it was a perfect storm that led to his 2016 election but there is no doubt foreign interference played a significant part. (Here is a scary thought to keep in mind: It is a lot easier to get reelected than elected the first time around.)

If you were planning on committing a bunch of crimes getting the police off the street and closing the courts would help you get away with them. Trump has done just that. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) is to a large degree both the police force and judicial system when it comes to many federal campaign laws. Trump, with the aid of Moscow Mitch McConnell, has not replaced any of the open seats on the Commission and conveniently a Republican appointee has just resigned bringing the Commission below its quorum. Sans a quorum the FEC cannot commence any new investigations or hand down any penalties.

If you thought 2016 was insane just wait for 2020 to continue developing. Trump is scared and getting desperate. He needs a second term to run out the statute of limitations on many of the crimes he has committed. It appears he has successfully (and unnecessarily ala Nixon) rigged the 2020 GOP presidential nominating procedure in his favor. The question is how far he will be allowed to rig the general election.

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