Trump Is A Wartime President. He Is Just Failing Miserably!

Most President’s want to be consider among the best ever. After seeing his ego on display does anyone really doubt that Trump is among them? The best path to fame is by being a wartime President. It is also one of the best paths to a second term. The “don’t change horses in the middle of the stream” argument is pretty persuasive. The president’s first obligation is to keep America and Americans safe. I contend that Donald Trump is failing in that task. Let’s explore.

Tuesday morning the Washington Post posted an article entitled, U.S. Cyber Command operations disrupted Internet access of Russian troll factory on day of 2018 midterms, under Ellen Nakashima’s byline. It outlined how CyberCom (as it is called in the military) disrupted the Internet Research Agency’s access to the Internet thereby stopping them from influencing the 2018 mid-term with their bots and trolls.

The Internet Research Agency is located in St. Petersburg, Russia and is owned by Russian oligarch and close Putin ally Yevgeniy Prigozhin. They were the operative arm in many foreign election interference campaigns including America’s 2016 election and the Brexit referendum. Prigozhin also owns Concord Management and Consulting which is currently trying to use the American legal system to gain access to American espionage secrets.   Both entities and Prigozhin personally were indicted by Robert Mueller.

I think not coincidentally the CyberCom action took place while James Mattis was still Secretary of Defense. Is there a patriot who will stand up to defend American democracy like Mattis did in November of 2020?   Trump publically states that he is convinced that Russia is not involved; Vladimir Putin told him so. The most glaring example of this was his press conference standing next to Putin in Helsinki, Finland. A significant part of the perfect storm that got Trump elected was the Russian interference so do you really expect him to guard against it in 2020 if he is the Republican candidate? I don’t!

Planes, bombs, ship, missiles and ground troops are not required to attack a country in the 21st century. Russia had the second or third mightiest military in the world but no country can individually match America. Cyber war equalizes the playing field and Russia can wage war in that arena. It is a bit more challenging to attribute, but our intelligence community (along with those of several of our allies) has conclusively traced the attacks back to Russia. There is already vast and credible evidence of the Russians trying to interfere in the current Democratic primary. CyberCom’s November 2018 action, while great and effective, was only a temporary thing. It is not a permanent solution.

America is and has been under attack. We are at war. It is a different type of war and the real tragedy is that President Trump either refuses to recognize it or is complicit in its prosecution. In either event he is a miserable failure at his primary duty. Perhaps he has a different twist on the wartime President strategy; could it be that he is the one wagging war on, not in defense of America?

I have a single question for all those radical right wingers now: How does that socialist Deep State look now?

Note: For a deeper understand of how this all works I highly recommend Malcolm Nance’s two books: The Plot to Hack America and The Plot to Destroy Democracy, both of which are on the Recommended Reading List.

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