Trump Imports Trash

I simply have neither the time or desire to read every rumor circulating on the fringes of the right wing. Apparently the same cannot be said for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. When something doesn’t make sense I rely on my knowledge of history and/or check it out. Again, apparently the same cannot be said for Trump. In his defense I have to concede he seems to have very little knowledge of American history; even the history of his country during his lifetime. Can you say Baby Boomer and nuclear triad?

Evidentially a story has been circulating on the far right that Obama enabled ISIS as part of a secret conspiracy in part because he is a Sunni Muslim and is loyal to ISIS along with the Muslim Brotherhood. We are apparently to never mind the contradictory (and equally false) rumor that Obama is a Shiite Muslim and therefore secretly supports Iran in its quest for world domination.

Wednesday Trump held a rally near Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he repeatedly stated the Obama was the founder of ISIS. Trump fed off the thunderous applause of the assembled faithful and then added that Hillary Clinton was the co-founder. (I though in extreme right never-never land she was just a crooked lesbian; I guess in Bubbas’ world that also makes you a Muslim.)

Interestingly the genesis of the rumors occurred in the Middle East. Obviously there is no truth to them and they have been long debunked. I find it amusing that the xenophobic, extreme right wingers who support Trump are importing some of their zany conspiracy theories from people they despise and mistrust.

While I don’t think any American President or Secretary of State founded ISIS, I do think that former President George W. Bush enabled it to exist. In 2003 Bush ordered the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq based on false pretenses. That destabilized the region and took the lid off the centuries old religious rivalries that Saddam Hussein had been able to contain.

The removal of Saddam coupled with the ensuing chaos created by the botched occupation presented ISIS with a fertile breeding ground. That can all be firmly linked to decisions by the Bush administration.

Typical of Trump he “explained” his remarks in an effort to say he was actually saying something other than what all but his spinners heard. I guess only Trump and people like Sean Hannity have mentally evolved to a sufficient level to understand what the great man says; along with the less well educated, xenophobic, older, white males that make up the bulk of Trump’s adoring crowds.

This campaign looks more like George Wallace’s every day; large adoring crowds with the majority of Americans scratching their heads in disbelief. Hey, look at the bright side: at least Trump didn’t tell his followers to shoot anyone Wednesday. Wallace didn’t have a major Party line to run on, Trump does. Take this threat to America and the world very seriously!

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