Trump Had His Best Week In Office (And It Was Still Terrible)

Last week was Donald Trump’s best as President. Don’t think I have lost it or if you are a Trump supporter who accidentally stumbled upon this site that I’m cheerleading for him. Please allow me to explain.

Forecasting what Trump will do is a dangerous game but it looks like Chief-of-Staff John Kelly may have skated onto even thinner ice when it was widely reported that on multiple occasions he called Trump an “Idiot”. Like Rex Tillerson of “(explicative deleted) moron” Kelly may learn that one thing Trump will not tolerate is an accurate assessment from his staff. Word is that Kelly may be the next nominee for the vacant VA job. Worse than firing Kelly, Trump may put him into a job often described as where careers go to end. Since Trump doesn’t pay attention to his Chief-of-Staff I predict he will either leave the slot vacant or hire a flunky.

Speaking of past their sell by date flunkies, Rudy Giuliani appears to have placed Trump in even worse legal jeopardy than he was when the week started. Between Rudy and Trump the Stormy Daniels hush money payoff story changes several times a day and none of the versions add up any better than a Paul Ryan budget. If these two keep talking they may well box Michael Cohen into a corner where he has no choice but to flip.

Last week news broke that in February of 2017 (just weeks after inauguration) Trump’s hired goon and then White House employee, Keith Schiller, accompanied by two other men stole Trump’s medical records (including those under aliases) from the office of Trump’s former personal physician Harold Bornstein, MD. Bornstein also confirmed what any reasonable American long assumed: Trump dictated his campaign period “doctor’s letter”. That coupled with all the accusations of late level against Trump’s now withdrawn VA nominee Admiral Ronny Jackson, MD makes you wonder just how legitimate his glowing report on Trump’s health earlier this year was. Oh, by the way, while Jackson returned to the White House he is no longer the president’s physician. The Navy doesn’t relieve admirals of command lightly.

A fact that almost all of us missed (Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post didn’t) is that when Jackson gave Trump the glowing report he specifically said he did not have Trump’s past medical history. So Trump’s goons stole them and never gave them to his new doctor. What is being hidden? Perhaps it is that Trump had not measured 75 inches in recent years? Could it be that he has a history of weighing well over 239 pounds? Was it a history of hair plugs? Bornstein admits to having prescribed a medicine that promotes hair growth but has a common side effect of causing erectile dysfunction. Is Trump hiding a Viagra prescription? Trump is a well-known philanderer; could an STD be in his medical history?

ABC News reported that the Trump campaign has paid $228,000 of Michael Cohen’s legal defense. If they want to claim that Cohen was never part of the Trump campaign then that payment is illegal. If they claim that Cohen was part of the campaign that opens up several other cans of worms. Could that payment be evidence of obstruction of justice? Moral of that story (and many others before this is over): the cover-up is often worse than the crime.

Allow me one cynical and humorous observation. Ty Cobb left Trump’s team last week in the wake of the hiring of John Bolton; could Cobb have been one outrageous mustache too many? By the way, Cobb was the only one on Trump’s legal team with security clearance.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Michael Cohen had a $774,000 slush fund during the 2016 campaign. That’s a lot of money for silencing old sexual encounters; which appears to be Cohen’s “legal specialty”.

Trump spoke at the NRA convention in Dallas on Friday. Guns were prohibited from the venue. Am I the only one who sees the hypocrisy in that?

Monday Trump announced that he was not implementing steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union countries. While I welcome the move it is yet another example of Trump shooting from the hip only to subsequently reverse himself. That creates uncertainty and regardless of what economic philosophy you adhere to one thing markets don’t like is uncertainty.

Cambridge Analytica filed for bankruptcy in both the US and UK last week. The firm had connections to Steve Bannon and mega Republican financiers the Mercer family. It is also at the heart of several aspects of the Russiagate scandal. I assume that as time goes on we will find they basically reorganized under another name. Perhaps that is part of the reason the Republican National Committee (RNC) refused to join the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in saying they would not use purloined data in the 2018 campaign.

The Kirstjen Nielsen-led Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to deliver on Trump’s promise to make America white again when it announced that it will terminate the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) of some 50,000 Hondurans living in America. Add this to the 220,000 Salvadorans and 50,000 Haitians who have lost their TPS in the past six months. None of those countries are currently stable or equipped to receive the refugees back. Under the Trump administration America is not willing to accept its moral responsibilities as one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Trump is the best recruiting tool international terrorists even had.

The details are sketchy but an interesting story involving Ukraine began to emerge last week. We all know that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is facing a plethora of charges many including questionable transactions involving Ukraine. There is also the matter of the weakened plank in the 2016 GOP platform involving Ukraine that nobody seems to want to take responsibility for. Suddenly the Ukraine government stopped cooperating with the Mueller investigation and the United States sold arms to them. For the moment suffice to say that a lot here doesn’t pass the smell test.

You may be asking with all this bad news how this could possibly be Trump best week as President. The answer is that Emmet Flood agreed to join Trump’s defense team. For the first time Trump has been able to get a top tier lawyer to represent him. When the good news is that you finally obtained a good defense lawyer things are far from going well for you!

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