Troubling Tidbits

It’s time to do another of the seemingly endless catch up articles. I entitled today’s Troubling Tidbits because I felt that if they were almost slipping by a political junkie like me what about the average American voter? Let’s explore.

Barry Myers is the former CEO of AccuWeather and Trump’s nominee to head NOAA (an agency both hate). An investigation into credible accusations of sexual harassment at AccuWeather is currently ongoing. Guess who AccuWeather’s CEO was during the time period covered by the allegations. If you guessed Myers you are correct. Does this make you think about an expression about birds of a feather?

There are a lot of difficult jobs in America. I would have to think being a military recruiter is one of them. It can’t be easy to hit your recruiting quota every month. Considering that why would we exclude people willing to serve because of their sexual identity? Well, against the advice of the military top brass, the Trump administration is doing just that. Last week the ban on transgender troops took effect. For the most part those already in the military are exempt but no new transgender recruits are being accepted. For those already serving they can basically kiss their career goodbye. The chances of promotion and/or cherished assignment are slim if not non-existent. Their only hope is a new President who will reverse Trump’s core base pleasing edict. How does this make America stronger or safer?

In the not thinking ahead category Trump is considering shipping refugees awaiting immigration adjudication to “sanctuary cities” in blue states. Unless Wilbur Ross’s sabotage of the census is successful this will only help the Democrats electorally. The Constitution states that the census counts all people equally regardless of citizenship. A large group of refuges would only add to population and increase House representation and thereby Electoral College votes for said blue states. Keep listening to political geniuses like Stephen Miller, Mr. Trump.

What would have been the scandal of the administration under almost any of Trump’s predecessors hardly got any ink last week but close Trump friend, Sam Patten, was sentenced to probation on charges that he steered Ukrainian money to the Trump inaugural. With sound reason there are laws against foreign money in American politics. While this doesn’t meet the text book definition, this is effectively international money laundering, If I were Trump what I’d be concerned with is that Patton got such a light sentence because of his cooperation. He knows where some of the bodies are buried and who ordered the internment.

Last week the Ecuadorians evicted Julian Assange from their embassy in London. His exit was “aided” by about a half dozen members of UK law enforcement. The 47 year-old Assange appeared to be more like 67 as he foolishly and fruitlessly resisted. The comic relief on this side of the pond was provided by Trump. Despite mentioning Wikileaks over 140 times during the campaign including professing his love for it, Trump told the press that he really doesn’t know much about it and that it isn’t his thing. Roll the tape!

American Media, Inc., the parent company of the National Enquirer is reportedly selling the publication. Remember that the National Enquirer and its CEO, Trump friend David Pecker are implicated in all sorts of shenanigans. No jokes here; they are too easy and would violate my PG rating. Somehow when the Pulitzer’s were announced on Monday the National Enquirer wasn’t included.

Last Wednesday Trump signed a pair of executive orders making it easier to build oil and gas pipelines while simultaneously making it more difficult for states to regulate them. I guess the Trumpublicans only care about states’ rights when it doesn’t interfere with private profit. Of course when the inevitable environmental disaster occurs they will socialize the losses. Maybe Trump can travel to the site and throw paper towels at the denizens.

I’ll finish with a baseball story in honor of my Tampa Bay Rays getting off to a fast start. The Trump administration cancelled a deal with the Cuban Baseball Federation that would have enabled Cuban players to play in the Major Leagues. Part of why American Major League baseball is the best in the world is because the best players in the world play it. While the game is essentially American and was invented here it is global. Remember to Trump’s core make America great again means make America white again.

The above is only a portion of the occurrences of the last few days that trouble me. It just helps prove my Broad Street Bullies theory of how the Trump administration operates. One of the many positions Trump can’t seem to fill is White House Chief-of-Staff. Too bad he can’t resurrect the architects of the Broad Street Bullies philosophy and former coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, Fred Shero. Now there was a guy who turned perpetual cheating into a Stanley Cup.

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  1. Actually, sending migrants to sanctuary districts will probably not have much effect on elections. Those districts are already blue. The foolishness here is Trump’s withdrawal of financial support for Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Problems do not go away when they are ignored. They fester. Trump just makes things worse. Go Rays!

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