Trapped In A Seeming Infinity

It’s a rather pleasant Saturday morning as I commence penning this article intended for Sunday reading. The challenge is to keep with tradition and explore the biggest political story of last week. In the Trump era it seems we have a never ending continuum of stories one more outrageous than its predecessor or its successor. Therefore I have decided to take a brief look at several incidents in the full knowledge that I will fall incomplete. Nevertheless, let’s explore.

Losers And Suckers

In Jeffrey Goldberg’s article entitled, Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’, in The Atlantic he identifies several instances where Trump derided fallen military. Of course the White House labeled it fake news and then added a bunch of insults. Obviously I wasn’t there when Trump allegedly made those statements so I have to rely on evidence and history.

Goldberg always has multiple sources, often as many as four, for the incidents depicted in the article and several prestigious media outlets have verified all of his assertions.

There are several examples of Donald Trump disparaging the service of military heroes. In my mind the most outrageous was his remarks about the late John McCain not being a war hero because he was captured. I often disagreed with McCain on policy but I have the utmost respect for his conduct as a POW. I doubt I would have made the same decisions he did and have served with such honor. Does anyone think Trump would have?

A Felony In Plain Sight

Last week at a North Carolina pep rally Trump suggested that his supporters attempt to vote twice in the upcoming election; once by mail in ballot and again in person supposedly to test the system. In North Carolina (and every other state) it is a felony to try to vote more than once. In North Carolina encouraging someone to vote multiple times is also a felony.

I am willing to accept that Trump was ignorant of the law. It was a day that ended in “y”. However, the very next day he repeated his advice to a crowd of supporters in Texas.

New York Attorney General Tish James already has litigation pending against Trump’s organization. Currently Josh Stein is the AG in North Carolina. He has sued Trump on multiple occasions. Josh is favored to be reelected in November and my theory is that he passed up challenging Thom Tillis for his Senate seat in order to “stay home” so that he can run for Governor in 2024 when Roy Cooper (assuming he is reelected, which I think he will be) is term limited. If anyone is foolish enough to follow Trump’s advice that would leave Trump open to a state felony charge that he cannot pardon himself of. (A president pardoning himself of a federal charge is an unresolved legal issue that I will not go into today.)

A Vaccine On November First

The CDC sent out a notice to all 50 states to be prepared to have inoculation centers ready for administering a coronavirus vaccine on November 1st. My degree is in management not medicine but the chances of a vaccine having been safely developed, manufactured in sufficient quantity and ready for injection on November 1, 2020 is zero.

The best numbers I have seen are that there are 39 vaccines in some stage of development, two are American and the most promising American one would require two shots administered three to four weeks apart and requiring dry ice storage.

You connect all those dots and decide for yourself if the chances of a safe and widely available vaccine before Election Day is a reality or an October Surprise.

What Racism

I had a lot of friends of Italian heritage post high school. When we got to telling family stories one they told was the slap in the face at the dinner table Mafia story. The scene was the family dinner and one of the boys would say something about the Mafia. The father would get out of his chair and slap his son saying, “Mafia. What mafia? You don’t know what you are talking about. There is no Mafia.” In the interest of brevity I won’t explore all that is going on in the background, but the story does relate to a recent Trump administration action.

The White House has instructed all federal agencies and their contractors to cease racial sensitivity training citing it as un-American. I’m certain a lot of wrongfully killed Americans will be happy to know that we do not have a systemic racism problem in this country.

Does that mean I will no longer benefit from white privilege?

I Won; I Said So

You don’t need a crystal ball to see that Trump is setting up to challenge the results of the election if he loses.

An interesting theory being advanced is that Trump will appear to be ahead on election night because Republicans will dominate same day balloting and the deluge of mail in ballots will be so large that it will take many states several days to count them with Democrats largely choosing to mail their ballots in due to the pandemic. The theory goes that Trump will proclaim that he won late election night or early the next morning. (It like saying you won because you are ahead after six innings.) Then he will try to stop the counting wherever possible and claim fraud when the votes come in.

Here is something to keep in mind: a claiming of victory speech means absolutely nothing. Any idiot can say they won. What counts is a concession speech. Until and unless Biden concedes the outcome has yet to be determined. Going back to the 2000 election it was only Al Gore’s graceful concession, after the Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v Gore that finally resolved the outcome.

I still think 2000 will look like a kumbaya moment compared to 2020. I hope I’m incorrect but I doubt it.

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